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TDM Series
The TDM drive series is characterized by its use with MAC motors of varying size. The follow is a categorical representation of TDM Drives with their matching motor: TDM1 drives are used for MAC71 to MAC160 motors, TDM2 drives are used with MAC63 to MAC93 motors, TDM3 drives are used for MAC63 to MAC112B motors, TDM4 drives are used with MAC21, MAC 25, and MAC41 motors, TDM6 drives are used in combination with MAC motors for low noise applications, and TDM7 drives have built in electronic feedback for their matching MAC motor. The drive itself features an X1 connection port for Bus connection, 2 Busbars labeled L+ and L-, the X2 connection for the programming personality module, and two rows of different plug in terminals for motor feedback connections.TDM drives are extremely reliable and efficient Servo Controllers making them a cost effective choice for your automation needs. If you need a TDM drive or would like to know more about this drive series contact us for pricing and shipping options.

MKD Series
In connection with the digital intelligent drive controllers by Rexroth/Indramat, the digital MKD AC motors offer cost-effective automation solutions with an extensive functionality for the following fields of application such as machine tools, printing operations, handling and automation, packaging machines, and the food industry. MKD motors feature high operational reliability, a peak torque range which covers a wide speed range, and easy installation, use, and longevity when compared with other drives on the market.MKD motors have many special features. First, they have a varying frame size ranging from the 025 with a 54mm flange size to the large 112 MKD motor with a 192mm flange size. They have either an A, B, C, or D frame length 4 available winding codes. MKD motors feature either resolver feedback or resolver feedback with an integrated multiturn absolute encoder. MKD motors have an output shaft with either a plain or keway slotted shaft, come with or without an holding brake, and varying directions of power connection options.

DKC Series
The DKC Series of drives manufactured by Indramat / Rexroth provide unrivaled reliability and are a cost effective solution to single and multiple axis automation control. DKC drives can store up to 32 different positions through the I/O option card and can be programmed in combination with DriveTop software and the correct firmware encoder. All DKC drives are considered to be a ECODrive01 or ECODrive03. ECODrive technology allows for the most favorable price to functionality ratio of AC drive performance on the market and is complimented by easy installation, use, and longevity.DKC Drives come in a variety of orientations which are dependant upon the demand of the manufacturing or automation environment. Ultimatley, DKC Drives can be broken down into a select few sizes based on voltage and amps. The voltage of the drive is dependent on necessary power needed by the autoamtion environment. For more informatin regarding the voltage level and specifity of the drive you need, contact us here at Wake Industrial domestically at 1-888-551-3082, internationally at 1-919-443-0207, or by email at Here at WakeIndustrial, we supply our customers with the best depth of information making your buying decision easier.

DDS Series
The DDS Drive Series manufactured by Rexroth/Indramat are modular in design. The modular concept makes it possible to flexibly combine AC servo and main drives to create one compact drive package which uses one supply unit. In conjunction with a variety of electric automation motors, a basic DDS unit has the ability to solve multiple automation controlling desires if a specific option interface is installed onto the drive. The firmware fixes the functions of the drive. The DDS02.1 and DDS03.1 drives have a variety of options which can be explained through the part number itself. For example, they can have either external cooling, internal air cooling, or liquid cooling, a variety of power ratings starting at a base 15amp drive and then extending to 25,30,50,100,150 and ending with a 200amp drive, either a digital servo or resolver feedback for their motor feedback, or an analog interface which is indicated by an A in the part number, an Interbus-S interface, which is indicated by C, a Single axis position control interface, indicated by an L, or a SERCOS interface, indicated by an S.DDS drives have ports which allows users to place custimzed communication modules or auxialry modules into the drive. The U1 port,found on the far left of the drive, is for command communication modules. The U2, U3, and U4 for DDS02.1 drives are for auxillary moules. The DDS03.1 drive has the communication port and only one U2 auxiliary port. The software module is inserted at the top of the drive here at the U5 slot. The firmware module is separate from the main unit itself. Firmware is continuously being updated, meaning the firmware version may increase indicated by a higher number on the firmware module itself.

MHD Series
Rexroth Indramat MHD motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors with electronic communication. MHD motors are available in a wide range of configurations that include specifications like motor feedback, cooling method, holding brake and output shaft. Considered a legacy motor, Indramat MHD motors are still found in service today in applications like printing, packaging, and textiles. These motors are fully sealed and maintenance free, containing lubricated bearings that last the lifetime of the motor. MHD motors come in 8 frame sizes: 041, 071, 090, 093, 095, 112, 115 and 131.

HMV Series
The Rexroth Indramat HMV supply unit is a power supply part of Rexroth’s IndraDrive system. Like other supply modules, a single unit can operate multiple drives off a single mains connection, and communicates with drive controllers through a bus module. HMV modules were built to be used with IndraDrive M drive controllers and are highly flexible, available in both regenerative and non-regenerative configurations. These supply units are state of the art and some of the most powerful available. HMV supplies are available in 18, 30, 45, 65, 75 and 120 KW outputs.

MSK Series
MSK Servo Motors, also known as IndraDyn S, are workhorse motors in Rexroth Indramat’s servo motor lineup. Designed to be used in conjunction with the IndraDrive series of drives, MSK motors offer a wide power range in minimal size increments. With vast amounts of torque and an encoder system that provides high levels of precision, MSK motors were meant to be used for a diverse range of applications. With an immense level of possible configurations, there’s sure to be a MSK motor to fit any possible need.

DKR Series
DKR drives are controllers specified for use with ADF and 2AD AC spindle motors, LAF and LSF linear oriented, and 1MB spindle frameless motors. DKR drives are capable of putting out power ranges from 10kW to 93kW for the output shaft of the specific motor attached to the drive. Because of the wide variety of motors these drives are capable of controlling, power configurations are different and specific to each individual drive. Features of DKR controllers include consistent power output combined with a varying motor speed range, heatsink/ blower ready capacities, and advanced integral setting configurations which allow users to have very high control of their automation line. DKR02 and 03 models come equipped with an integral break. Later models, such as the DKR04, come with an external brake.

HCS Series
HCS Series by Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat

CDB Series
The CDB series of control units manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat is composed of double axis drives. One of these drives has the ability to regulate two digital control axis. CDB drives have a variety of safety functions, such as safe motion mode or safe torque mode, ensuring the user can operate these without any complications. These units have many options of communication such as Sercos II, Sercos III, ProfiBUS, or Ethernet connection. CDB drives can be used with many different encoder systems. All parameters can be stored on a Multi Media Card(MMC) located in a plug-in module slot on the drive.

CSB Series
The CSB series of control sections offer a wide variety master communication options such as Analog interface, CANopen/DeviceNet interface, Analog/digital for OPEN LOOP operation, PROFIBUS interface, Parallel interface, SERCOS III interface, SERCOS interface. These controllers have fixed or configurable configurations and 2 to 3 option modifications. They can be either single axis controllers or double axis controllers. They have digital and analog inputs/outputs and a 24VDC input voltage. These control sections are commonly put into HMS drives.If you would like to purchase a CSB control section or would like more information pertaining to this series or another series, contact via email, phone, or fax. This information can be found above or you can request a quote by clicking the green FAST QUOTE button.

HMD Series
HMD drives are a new generation product technology designed for motion control. They have features best suited for precision, accuracy, safety, and energy saving ability. The HMS drive is a double axis inverter which consists of power options permitting a large range of customization. These drives are used in variety of applications due to its modifiable configuration. They can also be powered and operated through a power supply unit or a converter. Energy exchange is achieved through a general DC bus power source. The power supplies make room for the essential DC bus voltage needed to run the inverters. An exceptional quality of these devices is the closed-loop DC bus.

HNF Series
HNF Series by Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat

HDS Series
HDS drives, like many other Rexroth Indramat Bosch series, are a part of a wide variety of servo drives. These drives provide integrated designs over a large scale of motion controlling applications. They are characterized as flexible and strong products which are able to stay strong over a long period of time. HDS drives can be used alongside other motors such as MKD motors, 1MB motors, 2AD motors, and MHD motors. They are also compatible for applications such as machine handling, clothing or textile industries, robotics, and packaging environments. In situations demanding maintenance or repairs, all that is needed is to exchange the driver with a compatible replacement which demands absolutely no configuration thereby enabling the system to continue its function during repair of the main drive.

HMS Series
HMS drives are servo drives which consist of multiple safety properties adhered to an open communication interface made to minimize programming for standard purposes. These drives are manufactured for single axis and double axis applications. Its build consists of a power section which is made up of a power supply unit, DC bus voltage, a 24voltage power supply, and a bus module which are combined with other devices for communication connected to the DC bus. HMS drives are applicable for use in machine tools, food handlers, packaging, printing systems, and the manufacturing of paper. These drives are not designed to be used in areas under high humidity and adverse temperature conditions.

HZF Series
The Indramat HZF combining filter is used at the mains connection of the power supply unit to suppress current leaks and provide interference suppression. There are three versions of the HZF filter, each with different requirements for the nominal current and losses. This combining filter was designed specifically to be used with HVR supply modules and must be mounted either to the left or right of the supply unit. The supply line to the HZF must be shielded to avoid possible interference for optimal performance. Additionally, the connection for the DC bus must always be connected to the HZF filter in order to operate properly.

MDD Series
MDD AC servo motors, designed and manufactured by Indramat, is a series of nine motors with varying torques and speeds for the most diverse applications. These permanent magnet servo motors are right at home for use in tool, printing, textile, robotics, packaging and other facilities where speed, power and accuracy are needed. A standout feature of MDD servo motors is that they come with a motor feedback option. Motor feedback evaluates the position and speed to detect rotor position. MDD motors are built to last and can operate in the harshest conditions thanks to their IP 65 protection rating.

HVE Series
The Rexroth Indramat HVE is a power supply unit part of the DIAX04 modular AC drive system family. HVE supply units use an unregulated DC bus voltage on which the usable unit power depends upon. These supply units come in four nominal voltages including 380 V, 400 V, 440 V, and 480 V. HVE modules allow for multiple drives and controls to be powered from a single connection. Instead of regenerating power, HVE units use a bleeder that absorbs energy. HVE supply modules are typically used for printing and packaging machines, machine tools, and food handling machines.

KDF Series
The Indramat KDF series are Variable Frequency Drives found in the control cabinets used for automation systems. They are commonly found in the middle of TDM and KVR drives. These drives have high performance features such as position control, unrestricted 4 speed operation, and speeds of up to 8,000RPMs. KDF drives use analog velocity command and a digital velocity loop microprocessor. These drives are made to be used in combination with Rexroth Bosch Indramat power supplies. These drives have a 16 parallel command bits and control motors of up to 25 horse power. KDF drives enable end users to control their automation line like never before.

HVR Series
Similar to the Rexroth Indramat HVR supply unit, the Rexroth Indramat HVR power supply unit also belongs to the DIAX04 AC family and uses a regulated DC bus voltage. When running in generator mode, the HVR supply can regenerate excess energy back into the mains with minimal loss. Another benefit of HVR power supplies is their monitoring capabilities through communication with drive controllers. HVRs can be connected to mains voltages rated at 3x AC 380 V to 3x AC 480 V. Common applications for this power supply include handling, packaging, printing, and mounting machines.

RD51 Series
The Rexroth RD51 Drive Control Devices are a universal three-phase drive system used for synchronous and induction type motors. A major benefit of an RD51 drive system is its modular hardware and software arrangement that allows it to be highly flexible and easily adaptable for specific applications. The system features varying AC drive converters, inverters, rectifiers, and supply modules that can be either purchased separately or as an entire system. This system is designed to be cooled from the rear with forced air or via liquid cooling. Making the system as simple as possible was a significant importance and offers the highest level of operator friendliness.

KDV Series
KDV drives are a part of a wide variety of Rexroth Indramat Bosch power supplies which are used for AC servo drives in correlating series. This drive series come with a full array of displays and warning sensors. KDV drive shave integrated bleeder overload warning sensors, earth connection LED indicators, an AUX volt display, and power ON/OFF LED indicators. The heatsink blower connectors and blower/control voltage fuses are easily accessible for quick maintenance and operational check-ups. The main purpose of these drives is to convert incoming AC voltage to DC Bus power which is directed to connecting servo drives. These drives have the ability to be used consistently with up to 24kW of energy.

TCM Series
TCM link capacitors are used in conjunction with Bosch Rexroth Indramat power supplies. TCM drives are used to reduce or eliminate the noise created by the mains line. Noise is usually created in excess when circuit power exceeds 15kW. TCM drives are connected at different points along the mains line and are subjective to the layout of the wiring and the length of the mains line. These drives weigh approximately 6 to 7 kg. These link capacitors are commonly used with “K” series Indramat Rexroth power supplies such as KVR or KDV power supplies. They are a common piece found in automation control lines.

PPC Series
Rexroth Indramat Bosch PPC controllers gave multiple axis and are considered to have both motion and logic control. These controllers Reco 02 as its form factor for Input and Output modules, programmable logic controllers, and motion control. These controllers, paired with Bosch Rexroth Indramat visual motion and logic products, are the perfect match for all Diax04 and EcoDrive03 drives. The common communication interface between the servo drive and the logic or motion controllers is SERCOS. PPC controller use GPP visual motion firmware that can support and provide all necessary multi-axis functions. A PPC drive can use an Inline I/O module and an Indramat Rexroth visual toolkit program.

TVD Series
TVD Series by Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat

TBM Series
The TBM drive series is composed of bleeder units which are added as an addition to an automation line. These drives have massive amount of DC Bus voltage running through the unit. TBM drives are installed in order to add continuous and regenerative power found in the automation line of drives. The maximum amount of regenerative power able to be used is 114kWs while the minimum is as little as 2.25kWs of power. TBM drives are found with other Rexroth Indramat Bosch drives such as TVM drives. These drives often share a direct connection with one another.

TVR Series
Part of the Indramat Modular AC-Drive System, the TVR Power Supply Module provides regulated DC voltage to drives and also has regeneration capabilities. TVR modules support one or multiple drives through its DC bus and will regenerate power back on the mains when operating as a generator. The amount of power regenerated depends on the drive load and braking speed. TVR modules can be used with TDM, TDA, KDA, and DDS Indramat drives. Applications that have a high level of continuous regenerative power make this module a suitable choice.

TFM Series
The TFM Variable Frequency Drive, by Rexroth Indramat, is a drive controller used to control AC motors by varying input frequency and voltage to control motor speed and torque.

VM Series
Rexroth Indramat VM Power Supply series.

TVM Series
The Rexroth Indramat TVM Power Supply is one of three components that make up Indramat’s AC drive system. TVM supply modules convert the three phase main AC power and provide DC power for six or more Indramat drives. Because of this, it is the recommended choice for powering servo drives. TVM modules are also capable of absorbing regenerated power from drives operating in generator mode through means of a bleeder resistor. With the ability to monitor entire drive systems, the TVM will automatically power off in case of an error.

VT1600 Series
The Rexroth VT 1600 Servo Amplifier is an electronic card used to control servo valve models 4WS.EM, 2DS1EO AND 3DS2EH. This amplifier card is typically used for closed loop applications. A voltage stabilizer is used to provide clean and consistent power for stable performance. An integrated PID (proportional, integrator, derivative) control circuit allows for the card to be tuned for position control or constant velocity circuits. Three potentiometers found on the front plate of the card allow for quick adjustment of the PID values.

VT-HACD Series
The VT-HACD series of controllers are used for both open and closed looped applications and can control multiple control circuits. These controllers can control an entire process, make adjustments, and establish connections. The three components found in this series are the VT-HACD-DPQ-2X, VT-HACD-1-1X and VT-HACD-3-2X. VT-HACD digital controls have various functions, such as generating, linking, and normalizing signals or used as a controller card for control loops with a PIDT1 controller and optional state feedback. Configuration of these devices is done through user interfaces via serial connection to a PC, making the process very simple.

The Rexroth VT-2000 is a proportional amplifier card that controls single solenoid pressure control valves without electrical feedback. Features of the card include differential input, 0 to +9 V of additional command value input, and an independently adjustable ramp generator. The VT-2000 comes in both analog and euro-card format, and uses the VT 3002 card holders.

VT-HNC Series
The Rexroth VT-HNC series of digital axis controllers are programmable controllers designed for use in hydraulics. The HNC series can control 1 to 4 axes depending on the part series and meet requirements for closed-loop control of electromechanical and electrohydraulic drives. HNC series parts have been designed for use in extreme industrial settings with harsh conditions and have been built to withstand interference, vibration, shock, and various climates. Because this series is modular in design, faulty or non-working units may be removed and replaced with a known good unit.

VT-VSPA1-1 Series
The Rexroth VT-VSPA series are proportional amplifiers that control solenoid current to corresponding Rexroth proportional valves that do not have LVDT feedback. Amplifier cards that drive a single solenoid have multiple features and additional uses. Operators of VT-VSPA cards can configure settings such as analog input, ramp time, and change the setup for valve types. VT-VSPA amplifier cards are available in analog and eurocard formats, use voltage stabilization to provide a steady current of power and have an adjustable ramp generator and ramp times.

VT-3000 Series
The Rexroth VT-3000 analog amplifier is designed for the control of pilot operated proportional directional valves, model WRZ (up to component series 6), and direct operated proportional pressure valves (model DBEP6 and 3DREP6). VT-3000 cards have 4 command values that are adjustable by potentiometers that limit the maximum input signal. Additionally there are 4 associated LEDs on the front face plate that allow for a fast visual reference of the input relays. A voltage stabilizer provides constant and consistent voltage for optimum performance. The built-in ramp generator controls acceleration and deceleration rates that can be adjusted to either 1 or 5 seconds. VT-3000 cards use PWM (pulse width modulation) output which provides a dither effect reducing hysteresis.

HDD Series
The Rexroth Indramat HDD Drive Controller, part of the DIAX04 digital intelligent drive system, is a rapid-response drive capable of running two of the following AC motors: MKD, MHD, 1MB or 2AD. These drives are well suited for Industrial tasks like machine tooling, printing, packaging and various robotic machines. The small footprint of these controllers means they’re great for cabinets and its modular design means it can be removed in the field and replaced with a new one.

The Bosch Rexroth Indramat MultiMediaCard, or MMC, is a storage medium that is inserted into a slot found on a corresponding device. MMCs are able to store firmware, parameters, and various files like programs and user related documents. Rexroth MMCs are an optional piece of equipment and can be either stationary or temporarily. Stationary MMCs are permanent, meaning they cannot be removed, and are used as programming modules. Temporary MMCs are removable and can be used for updating firmware or transferring, saving, and reestablishing parameters. Only Bosch Rexroth MMCs can be used for Bosh Rexroth products.

CLC Series
The Rexroth Indramat CLC Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control is one piece of a broad motion control system. CLC cards use the SERCOS fiber-optic communication system and have various firmware types. CLC’s provide multi-axis coordinated and non-coordinated motion control, making them great for various industrial applications. The three available versions of the CLC card are the CLC-V, CLC-P and CLC-D. When the cards integrated multitasking environment is combined with a graphical interface, such as Windows, a simplified point and click management operation is achieved, providing ease of use and extreme flexibility for the system operator.

BTV04 Series
The BTV04 is a tiny control panel designed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device is used to operate and control machinery through a graphical user interface. The control panel is 203x143x45 mm in size and weighs 1.7kg. It consists of an aluminum front panel, a 128x64 pixel LCD display, an impact-resistant enclosure and 38 keys. Of the 38 keys, 16 are machine control keys with LEDs and 7 that can be programmed by end users for specific needs. The BTV04 has powerful hardware consisting of a series 68000 microcontroller, 1 MB of flash memory, 512 KB ram, and two non-isolated serial interfaces. It is fitted with 10x24 V inputs and 11x24 V outputs. Furthermore, it is equipped with RS485 and a RS232 interfaces to enable communication between other Indramat products. To setup the control panel for the first time, software for the unit has to be loaded onto the BTV04 using a PC and a connection cable. The software will then guide you through the setting and customization procedures.

BTV05 Series
The BTV05 miniature control panel, designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat, is used to operate and control PLC-oriented machinery through a graphical interface. This control panel’s dimensions are 318x163x52 mm with a weight of 0.74 kg, mainly from its aluminum front panel. The panel’s LCD display is a higher resolution than the BTV04 series at 256x64 pixels and is enclosed in an impact-resistant IP65 rated enclosure. There is also a simple keyboard with seven LED keys for machine control that can be labeled accordingly. This control panel is fitted with 10x24 V inputs and 11x24 V outputs and equipped with RS422/485 and RS232 interfaces to enable communication with other Indramat products. The setup process is done via software that comes with the unit and loaded onto the BTV05 using a PC and a connection cable. Once loaded, the software will allow for customization.

BTV06 Series
The BTV06 is another miniature control panel designed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. BTV control panels are used for machine handling and provide a graphical interface for ease of use. The control panel has dimensions of 318x200x53 mm and weighs 1.7kg. The front panel is made from a varnished aluminum polyester foil which is chemically resistant. The black and white LCD display is 240x128 pixels with full graphical capabilities encased in an impact-resistant enclosure. There are 39 keys, seven of which can be programmed individually by the operator to their specific needs. The BTV06 has a series 68000 microcontroller, 1 MB of flash memory, 512 KB ram, and two non-isolated serial interfaces. It is fitted with 10x24 V inputs and 10x24 V outputs in addition to COM1 & COM2 interfaces. Furthermore, it features an RS485/422 interface to enable the communication with other Indramat products.

BTV15 Series
The BTV15 is a PC based user and visualization terminal designed by Rexroth Indramat. This type of terminal is used for application specific use with various equipment and configurations. Some areas of use for a BTV15 include machines like lathes and mills. This terminal uses the Windows NT operating system and is equipped with a CPU slot on its board in the PISA form factor. The BTV15 has physical dimensions measuring in at 294x194x80 mm with a weight of 4 kg. The unit has a 4mm thick aluminum front panel which is resistant to chemicals, a 640x380 pixel 8.2” color display, an impact-resistant enclosure, and a PC operating keyboard with 8 machine control keys. A standard BTV15 contains 5x86 266 MHz CPU with 2 MB graphic memory, 64 or 128 MB work memory, and a minimum of 3 GB hard disk.

BTV20 Series
The BTV20 is a PC-based machine operator panel designed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. The BTV20 has dimensions of 372x335x209 mm and weighs 10.5 kg. It consists of a 4mm aluminum front panel, 640x480 pixel LCD display, impact-resistant enclosure, and 16 machine control keys. The BTV20 has a Pentium processor with a minimum of 200 MHz, 4 MB video memory, 64 MB of memory, and a hard disk of 1.2 GB. It is fitted with the following card slots: 3xPCI, 1xPCI/ISA, and 4/ISA; and has the following interfaces: 1 x RS 232, COM1, 1 x RS232/RS485 COM2, LPT1 Centronics printer interface, VGA connection, and ethernet interface.

BTV30 Series
The BTV30, by Rexroth Indramat, is a machine control terminal which can be integrated with specific controllers to increase functionality. BTV30 units are very powerful and contain all the control elements of a complete industry computer. The BTV30 has dimensions of 372x335x200 mm and weighs 10.5 kg. It consists of a PC/ABS front panel, 640x480 pixel 10.4” TFT color display, impact-resistant enclosure, and a full ASCII keyboard with eight machine control keys. The BTV30 has a 200 MHz Pentium processor with 2 MB screen memory, 64 MB of main memory, a 1.2 GB hard disk and is fitted with various interfaces and slots. This unit is suitable for surface or underfloor mounting installation.

BTC06 Series
The BTC06 is a portable control panel designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat. This manual control unit is used for control tasks with single or multiple axes. Typical applications for the BTC06 include machine tools, packaging, and handling installations. The control unit’s dimensions are 315x180x57 mm with a weight of 1.3kg. The BTC06 is made of a polycarbonate enclosure, has a 240x128 pixel LCD display, an impact-resistant enclosure, and 48 keys with LEDs. Fitted with a series 68000 microcontroller, the BTC06 controller also has 1 MB of flash memory, and 256 KB SRAM. The controller also has an emergency shut-off button and both RS232C and a RS422A/RS485 interfaces to enable communication with other devices.

2AD Series
2AD motors, designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat, are AC motors used in machine tools, printing, packaging and reshaping machines. The motor comes in two variations: B05 for flange mounting and B35 for flange and foot mounting. 2AD motors have a broad range of speeds starting at 1500 min-1 to a maximum speed of 9000 min-1. These motors work up to 3,280 feet above sea level and can survive temperatures between 0° to +45°C. The average sound pressure level, mass, and holding torque of the motor various depending on the motor frame size. The motor consists of an output shaft, a blower, power connection, motor feedback connection, and a holding brake. The motor feedback regulates the motor’s speed and rotor position through measurements the drive.

DDC Series
The Rexroth Indramat DDC series consist of fully digital AC drives that are brushless, three-phase, and microprocessor controlled. DDC AC drives are dynamic and offer precision servo control options. These drives are used to monitor, control, parameterize and diagnose Indramat motors digitally through measurements of the rotors position. Highly customizable, a fully equipped DDC unit includes a DLC single-axis positioning module, software module, and optional auxiliary plug-in module. These cards add additional interfaces and options that further enhance the drives capability. At its core, the DDC acts as a DC bus converter and bleeder resistor. When mounting the device, the motor feedback cable and other optional plug-ins should be placed in a position that does not prevent the flow of the cooling air from entering or exiting the motor.

BTA05 Series
The BTA05 is a keypad, designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat that closely matches the appearance and dimensions of the BTV05 operator panel. This keypad has outside dimensions of 318(w) x 112(h) x 67.5(d) mm and a weight 0.74kg. The front surface panel is made of varnished aluminum that is covered with a chemical resistant material and has a protection rating of IP65. The BTA05 keypad has six possible switch locations, but comes installed with five. The five standard switches include unit off, unit on, auto/local mode, start, and e-stop.

BTA08 Series
The BTA08 is a keypad designed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat that has a similar appearance and mounting dimensions that are designed to match BTA20.3 operator panels and BTV20.3 visualization terminals. The keypad has outside dimensions of 407x110x4 mm (WxHxD) and weighs 0.8 kg. It has aluminum front panel that is varnished and covered with a chemical resistant polyester material. The BTA08 also has a protection rating of IP65. The BAT08 keypad has eight installation locations which can be fitted with standard elements. The unit is delivered without any elements equipped by default. The user can add whatever elements he/she wants to the keypad and has to install the electric wiring.

BTA10 Series
The BTA10 is machine control panel that is a variant of the BTA20 control panel. Designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat, the BTA10 is a single module that was produced separately for the BTA20. There are multiple modules available that can be configured according to application requirements. Requiring little space for installation, this module has an emergency stop button, keyswitch, and a plug for a BTC06 control unit. The base module of the BTA10 panel is a printed circuit board containing interface drivers and all required connectors in which any module can be plugged in. The BTA10’s front panel is made of varnished aluminum and covered with a chemical resistant film. The unit also has a protection rating of IP65 and weighs 1.2 kg.

BTA15 Series
The BTA15 is a machine control panel designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat to be used with BTV05 and BTV06 control panels. Application uses for this panel include lathes, milling machines, and machining centers. The base module of this keypad has a maximum of eight standard Telemecanique ZB2-B switching elements. Each element contains one indicator lamp and two contacts. The panel can be ordered as needed according to the user’s requirements. Features include reduced wiring, a 30-pin socket, configurable modules, an INTERBUS connection, and interface converter. The front panel is made of varnished aluminum and coated with a polyester foil that is chemically resistant. BTA15’s also have a protection rating of IP65 and weight of 2.2 kg.

BTA16 Series
The BTA16 is a machine control board designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat. The maximum operational ambient temperature of the control board is between +5oC to +45oC, the operational air pressure is 860 to 1060 hPa, 1500 m, and the maximum heat dissipation is 10 W. The INTERBUS module is a digital device with inputs and outputs and contains the entire active electronics. The front panel is made of varnished aluminum with a polyester foil that is chemically resistant with a protection rating of IP65.

BTA20 Series
The BTA20 is machine control panel that that was designed to be used in conjunction with the Rexroth Indramat BTV20. The base module of this keypad has a maximum of eight standard switching elements of the Telemecanique ZB2-B. All BTA20 panels can be equipped and ordered as needed the projects specifications. These panels have minimal wiring, three 10 pin sockets, configurable modules, an INTERBUS connection, and an interface converter. The built-in INTERBUS adapter contains the entire electronics on a single printed circuit board and is equipped with both RS232 and RS422 interfaces. The BTA20 front panel is made of aluminum and covered with a chemical resistant material. Because of the materials used, it has a protection rating of IP65.

BTM04 Series
The BTM04 is a machine operator panel designed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat and is part of fourth line of Indramat’s BTM machine operator panels. This panel is customizable through its four module slots that can house a blind plate, an emergency-stop module, a quick-stop module, a spindle override module, a writeable keyboard module, hand wheel module, or a feed override module. The master board comes with 16 input and output slots that can be found in module slots 2 through 4. The operator panel is powder coated, has a protection rating of IP65, and weighs around 3.2 kg.

BTM03 Series
The BTM03 is a machine operator panel designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat and is part of the third line of Indramat’s BTM panels. The panel is highly configurable and has six slots for various modules that can house a blind plate, an emergency-stop module, a quick-stop module, a spindle override module, a writeable keyboard module, hand wheel module, and a feed override module. The master board, found in module slots two through 4, comes with 16 inputs and 16 outputs. The operator panel is powder coated for increased durability and increased protection, receiving an IP65 rating. The unit weighs around 3.5 kg.

BTM13 Series
The BTM13 is a machine operator panel manufactured by Rexroth Indramat. Part of 13 line of Indramat’s BTM machine operator panels, it is highly customizable to meet end user’s needs. There are six module slots that can house a blind plate, an emergency-stop module, a quick-stop module, a spindle override module, a writeable keyboard module, a hand wheel module, and a feed override module. The optional master board has 16 input and 16 outputs, and is found in module slots two through four. BTM operator panels are powder coated and have an outstanding protection rating of IP65. These units weigh around 4 kg.

BTM15 Series
BTM15 operator panels are fully configurable to whatever need the end user desires. They have a total of 5 module slots which can be configured to hold 6 different modules. Some of these modules include a hand wheel control knob, an emergency stop push button, a keypad, and an emergency return button. Communication to the control is run through Remote InterBus-S. InterBus-S can use both Local Bus and Remote Bus to cover the varying distances of communication. The Remote Bus has a max segment length of 258 segments and the Local Bus can handle a maximum of 8 different devices.

BTM16 Series
BTM16 operator terminals are among Rexroth Indramat’s best products for users to control their automation and CNC systems. BTM16’s are commonly used with BTM15’s and various BTA series. BTM16’s have a 14 byte input and output storage assignment for core images. The total amount of bytes in an image is completely dependent upon the type of device being used. These units work by assigned addresses to BT Bus. A BTM15 unit sends an addressed signal to the input terminal of a BTM16, which groups all input and outputs. These are legacy parts made by Bosch Rexroth Indramat and trusted globally by thousands of end users.

RECO Series
RECO modules enable a drive to effectively communicate with a controller. Specifically, this interaction takes place between the controller and the RECO module. New data block technology allows input and output information to be transferred at rapid rates instead of command and actual values. Data diagnostics are sent from the module to the controller after module function specifications are set. The parameters of RECO modules can be used configuring the drive, setting input and out characteristics, and accessing controller and drive functions. Every individual parameter is composed of 7 different data blocks which are read by the specific RECO module installed.

SOT Series
SOT Panels, or Station Operator Terminals, allow users to manage activity of Rexroth drives via a monitor interface. These Operator terminals let users input functions and have important feedback information simultaneously shown. SOT Terminals have an operator keypad allowing users to quickly and easily change drive function. SOT units come with liquefied crystal displays and a bright LED backlight showing up to 16 40 character lines. The keypad itself has contact keys which ‘click’ when pressure is applied, letting the user know the key has been pushed correctly. SOT units have a total of 8 output terminals, making them a tool that can be used and connected to many machines.

DKS Series
The DKS series of drives has various functionalities exceeding similar drives of other brands. Some of these benefits include a readily available connection to a 3 phase 230V or 1 phase 230VAC power source and internal dynamic braking system allowing for quick drive deceleration if discrepancies are detected in the drive’s wiring. These controllers have very accessible mounting screws and breakdown screws, allowing for easy servicing and environment changes. If power were to ever exceed power rating limits or shut-off, DKS drives have an integral current limiter and power shut-off function. DKS come ready for use within minutes and are backed by a Wake Industrial 1 year warranty.

CLM Series
This Rexroth/Indramat/Bosch CNC controller is equipped with modern reliability and efficiency measures. This allows for using CLM controllers without the need for maintenance. These AC servo drives are favored among automated thermo-forming equipment, printing and packing systems, woodworking processes, and robotic automation settings. These drives are capable of controlling systems with a high level of roll-feed capacity and greater feedback over acceleration, position, and velocity. Added programmable logic controllers are unnecessary because of new features added to this series of Rexroth drives. These drives have a smaller compact design and easily programmable interface features, such as language and drive parameters, upon setup.

KDA Series