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EEA-AMP-1**-A-10 Series
The EEA-AMP-1**-A-10 Series is a eurocard electronic amplifier series designed and made by Eaton, specifically, in the Vickers division. These cards have the ability to make valves, specifically proportional valves, increase, decrease, or stop the flow of fluid in an automation environment. This is accomplished via electronic commutation from the inputs and outputs of the amplifier cards. There are different models with the A-10 series, allowing the cards to perform different tasks. These tasks are dependent upon the desired level and specification of control in the fluid automation environment. Eaton Vickers has designed these cards to be among the best in quality, ensuring users that no adverse condition can break these units.

EEA-AMP-451-A-10 Series
Designed and produced by one of the largest automation companies in the world, Eaton Vickers, the EEA-AMP-451-A-10 series used single input and output circuitry. With a 15V supply of power, each card is very easy to turn on and use. It has a total of 11 Op Amperage circuit outlets, making it able to be configured many different ways. These cards are only one P/I control unit but are equipped with a built-in milli amp rectifier and a total of 3 inverters. These devices are lightweight, weighing mere 1.4 kilo grams, making them suitable for nearly every automation hydraulic environment.

EEA-LIM-454-A-10 Series
Eaton Vickers manufactures each fluid amplifier card in the EEA-LIM-454-A-10 series. These units have a variety of benefits over other products produced by competing manufacturers. For example, A-10 cards have two voltage followers, a complete LED front panel with indicator points, and 8 testing points. Two limit comparator devices are found within the each unit. They function as both an inverter and non-inverter. Negative and positive threshold switches have locations for test points. These are easily accessible, making configuration of A-10 cards very easy. These cards have a relay and logic supply voltage amounting to 24V, making them low-risk units to test and turn on.

EEA-PAM-126-C-30 Series
The EEA-PAM-126-C-30 Series is unique to the Eaton Vickers brand. This series was designed to be installed in automation applications that deal with fluid power control. They use electronics to control proportional valves. The valves increase or decrease flow via signals sent from the Eaton Vickers card installed at the facility. With easy to configure ramp generators, decelerating or accelerating fluid flow in either direction of movement is as easy as the flip of a switch. This series has the same benefits as the “A” series of Vickers amplifier cards. The CNC metal face plate of all C-30 units is lined with bright LEDs ensuring the user is aware of any warnings errors or operational functions.

EEA-PAM-5**-A-12 Series
The EEA-PAM-5**-A-12 Series was made for use in fluid control systems that require a high level of flow control and precision. The A-12 series has features and benefits over other amplifier card series from other manufacturers, making it a top choice among thousands of end users. These cards have multiple input voltages and have an integrated function generator ramp for easy on and off ramp enable control. All A-12 models come with standardized inputs and outputs, high efficiency control, power overload protection, and configurable slots for plug in modules. Overall, these amplifier cards help users have complete control over fluid flow via electronic commutation.

EEA-PAM-5**-A-14 Series
The EEA-PAM-5**-A-14 power amplifier card series was made by Eaton Vickers for proportional hydraulic valve control. Understanding the needs of the customer is a huge part of why Eaton Vickers is so well trusted. For all A-14 cards, Eaton Vickers increased the supply voltage range, added low supply voltage safety protection, made ramping unaffected by gain adjustment, and added monitoring points to the edges of the card. Dead band compensation can be found on the front of the panel as well. The monitoring points for the conditioned command signal, ground common signal, and both spool position points are all placed close to one another for quick and easy access.

EEA-PAM-5**-A-30 Series
The EEA-PAM-5**-A-30 series is a part of Eaton Vickers proportional valve cards. These cards perform in hydraulic systems by using a voltage current to control the flow of fluids. The solenoids found within the A-30 series are regulated by forcing an electric current at varying intensities through the solenoid’s coil. The more current applied to the coil, the greater the displacement and flow of fluid through the valve. When flow and displacement is increased or decreased, it causes a change to the hydraulic actuator. This change, in turn, makes the working load different. These valves are complex but highly efficient and reliable for use in harsh conditions.

EEA-PAM-5**-A-32 Series
The EEA-PAM-5**-A-32 series made by Eaton Vickers composes a variety of proportional control valve units which are capable of regulating and measuring aspects of hydraulic systems. These units have a total of 5 voltage inputs, one of which is an inverter, and a current input range which goes from 0 to 20 milli amps. Every monitor point on the front of A-32 control cards is attached to a brightly colored LED indicator. The LVDT spoon position signal or the current of the solenoid can be read through the front of the panel at the monitor points. These amplifier cards are very user friendly and safe. All units are equipped with overload protection for power surges.                      

EEA-PAM-5**-B-32 Series
Eaton Vickers has produced a series of power amplifiers cards unlike any other. The EEA-PAM-5**-B-32 series has full command logic, 2 ramps, and a four input demand signal module. It is capable of quadrant detection so that any adjustment to acceleration or deceleration is noticed by the user. This series of amplifier cards has everything great and beneficial that the A-32 series has including 4 adjustable values for a 24V command signal. Another great feature is the 24V logic signal allowing for quick a 10V polarity reference reading. The entire front panel of all B-32 cards uses bright and clear LED light signals, ensuring the user never misses a measurement, reading, or error warning.

EEA-PAM-5**-C-32 Series
One example of Eaton Vickers great products is the EEA-PAM-5**-C-32 series. Made in the USA, these amplifier proportional control valve cards have integral logic command modules. These modules help read acceleration and/or deceleration rates for individual directions of movement. Many of the cards in the C-32 series can have connection for a flow between P and B, which has a solenoid with LVDT, or a connection on the pilot valve, which has a solenoid without the LVDT. These eurocards are equipped with 4 fully adjustable ramp time settings, 4 command pre-set settings, and a 4 quadrant deceleration and acceleration. The C-32 series offers a wide variety of specific function cards to meet the needs of any end user.   

EEA-PAM-5**-D-32 Series
The EEA-PAM-5**-D-32 is a very complex amplifier card. It offers a highly advanced integral PID module, allowing one D-32 card the ability to take the place of 2 conventional amplifier cards. These Eaton Vickers products have all the great features found in the A-32 series. Main highlights of the D-32 series includes ramp command inputs, a feed-forward option made possible by the integral PID module, closed loop operation for both acceleration and deceleration, an pre-installed test functionality, and a DIL switch with potentiometer. They also have a feedback feature for an analog sensor interface. These amplifier cards truly have it all.

EEA-PAM-533-E-30 Series
Eaton Vickers has designed a revolutionary replacement amplifier card for old hydraulic and fluid control proportional valve control. The EEA-PAM-533-E-30 Series has revolutionary features which enable electronic signal control of Eaton proportional valves via monitoring and switch points on the front panel of the amplifier card. The E-30 series has overload protection against electric power surges, pulse modulation, ramp function generators, and a low 24VDC power voltage. All E-30 cards have deadband zeroing for easy tuning and control. Plug-in modules can be attached to all E-30 cards to enable special command or functions. Eaton Vickers designs all of their products with efficiency and reliability in mind.

EEA-PAM-535-A-20 Series
The EEA-PAM-535-A-20 Series was specifically designed for automation fluid control settings that needed a small control card capable of regulating proportional valves. The A-20 fits the bill for controlling fluid flow and capacitance in valves. The A-20 series has 4 potentiometers, 2 of which are deadband compensators and 2 gain/flow controls. The entire CNC cut faceplate is integrated with LED indicators for all important communication signals and monitoring features. These amplifier cards are very easy to install and maintain for error-free operation. Eaton Vickers is known for being an overall top notch company when it comes to fluid control and quality automation parts.

EEA-PAM-561-C-31 Series
The EEA-PAM-561-C-31 series is among the best in hydraulic automation control. Eaton Vickers has designed this series to meet a whole new standard of expectations shared by thousands of end users around the world. The C-31 series features bright LED lights and contact interface points on the front panel. The front panel is carefully machined to match exact size specifications of areas in which these units are installed in. Vickers made the wiring for these units have external options, meaning the end user can choose to wire inputs and outputs at easily accessible points rather than being forced to wire at potentially hard to reach places.