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VT-3000 Series

VT-3000 Series

The Rexroth VT-3000 analog amplifier is designed for the control of pilot operated proportional directional valves, model WRZ (up to component series 6), and direct operated proportional pressure valves (model DBEP6 and 3DREP6). VT-3000 cards have 4 command values that are adjustable by potentiometers that limit the maximum input signal. Additionally there are 4 associated LEDs on the front face plate that allow for a fast visual reference of the input relays. A voltage stabilizer provides constant and consistent voltage for optimum performance. The built-in ramp generator controls acceleration and deceleration rates that can be adjusted to either 1 or 5 seconds. VT-3000 cards use PWM (pulse width modulation) output which provides a dither effect reducing hysteresis.