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RECO Series

RECO Series

RECO modules enable a drive to effectively communicate with a controller. Specifically, this interaction takes place between the controller and the RECO module. New data block technology allows input and output information to be transferred at rapid rates instead of command and actual values. Data diagnostics are sent from the module to the controller after module function specifications are set. The parameters of RECO modules can be used configuring the drive, setting input and out characteristics, and accessing controller and drive functions. Every individual parameter is composed of 7 different data blocks which are read by the specific RECO module installed.

RECO-E.00/00 RECO-G.03/00 RECO-G.04/00 RECO-PC-104 RECO-PC-104 A2 LK PSE 4 RECO-PC-104 A3 LK SCEB01 RECO-PC-104 B1 LK IBM 2 RECO-PC-104 B2 LK IBS03 RECO-PC-104 G1 LK LAG RECO-PC-104 G2 LK LAG RECO-PC-104 L2 LK CNS01 RECO-PC-104 N1 LK NSW01 RECO-PC-104 N2 LK NAK01 RECO-PC-104 P1 LK KA-PB01 RECO-PC-104 P2 LK KA-PB01 RECO-PC-104 Q1 LK DAQ03 RECO-PC-104 Q2 LK DAQ04 RECO-PC-104 S4 LK SIO 4-B RECO-PC-104 T2 LK ETH01 RECO-PC-104 T3 LK ETH02 RECO-PC-104 V1 LK DNM03 RECO-PC-104 V2 LK DNS03 RECO02-BUS RECO12-IBK1 RMA02.1-16-AC230-200 RMA02.1-16-DC024-200 RMA02.1-16-RE230-200 RMA02.1-32-DC024-050 RMA02.2-16-AC230-200 RMA02.2-16-DC024 RMA02.2-16-DC024-200 RMA02.2-16-RE230-200 RMA02.2-32-DC024 RMA02.2-32-DC024-050 RMA02.2-32-DC024-50 RMA12.1-16-DC024-200 RMA12.1-16-RE230-200 RMA12.1-32-DC024-050 RMA12.2-16-AC230-200 RMA12.2-16-DC024-200 RMA12.2-16-RE230-200 RMA12.2-32-DC024 RMA12.2-32-DC024-050 RMA12.2-32-DC024-200 RMA12.2-32-DC074-050 RMB02.1-02 RMB02.1-04 RMB02.2-01 RMB02.2-02 RMB02.2-04 RMB12.1-04 RMB12.2-02 RMB12.2-04 RMC02.1-2E-1A RMC02.2-0E-4A RMC02.2-2E-1A RMC12.2-2E-1A RME02.1-16-AC115 RME02.1-16-DC024-200 RME02.1-32-DC024 RME02.2-16-AC115 RME02.2-16-DC024 RME02.2-32-AC115 RME02.2-32-DC024 RME02.2-32-DC024-050 RME12.1-16-DC024 RME12.1-32-DC024 RME12.2-16-AC115 RME12.2-16-DC024-200 RME12.2-32-DC024 RMG12.1-NN RMG12.2-NN RMG12.2-NN1 RMG12.2-NNK11/00 RMG12.2-NNK26/03 RMK02.1-LWL-EAB RMK02.1-LWL-EAB-FW RMK02.1-LWL-SER RMK02.1-LWL-SER-FW RMK02.2-LWL-SER RMK02.2-LWL-SER-FW RMK12.1-IBS-BKL RMK12.2-IBS-BKL