Beckhoff automation products bring all new features to Industrial Automation. Using PC-Based software, Beckhoff has developed leading technology in EtherCAT, I/O, Fieldbus, and drive systems. The company itself has boomed over the recent years because of its innovative approach to seamless and complete control over a huge range of automation applications. The products found below are in all types of systems ranging from CNC to intelligent deign systems. Reliable and trusted, Beckhoff products are a must have for those seeking to take their business to a new level of performance. 

CP22xx-0010 Panel PC Series
Designed for control cabinet installation, Beckhoff’s CP22xx-0010 Panel PC Series is characterized by its modern features, reliable Industrial PC technology, and multi-touch display capabilities. Its advanced device design features aluminum housing with glass front, and easy accessibility to all components. CP22xx-0010 Panel PCs are equipped with highly integrated 3 ½ inch motherboards and Intel® Celeron® or Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors. The CP22xx-0010 Series offers a variety of display sizes, and serves as a high-performance option for construction and engineering applications.

CX5120 Embedded PC Series
The CX5120 Embedded PC Series is characterized by its compact design, fanless design, and low power consumption. The PCs in this series operate with an Intel Atom® single-core processor, and come in a variety of configurations with Windows operating systems and TwinCAT control software. This device includes an internal battery-backed clock for time and date, and a slot for CFast and microSD cards (cards are not included). In these devices, two Gigabit-capable Ethernet interfaces, one DVI-I interface, and four USB 2.0 interfaces are available. With this series, Beckhoff offers a cost-effective option for machine and plant applications.

CX5020 Embedded PC Series
The CX5020 Embedded PC series is a part of the CX5000 family of DIN rail-mountable, fanless embedded PCs. CX5020 PCs are equipped with a single core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom® Z530 processor which features hyperthreading technology. Depending on what TwinCAT runtime is installed in each individual PC environment (TwinCAT 2 runtime and TwinCAT 3 runtime (XAR) are available in this series), the device can be used for implementing PLC/Motion Control projects with or without visualization. CX5020 series PCs can withstand application in climatically demanding environments. The magnesium construction of these devices serves to minimize weight and space, and provides better screening and ESD protection.

CX5130 Embedded PC Series
Beckhoff’s CX5130 series of Embedded PCs is characterized by the compact, fanless design and low power consumption of its members. The devices in the CX5130 series feature an Intel Atom® E3827 multi-core processor with a clock rate of 1.75 GHz. The newer and more efficient processors in this series allow for higher clock rates and reduced power losses. Depending on the control software installed (TwinCAT 2 and TwinCAT 3 (XAR) runtime environments are available), CX5130 PCs can be used for the implementation of PLC or PLC/motion control projects with/without visualization. CX5130 PCs are available with various control software and operating system combinations, and offer a top of the line option in terms of both price and performance.