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PSI Frequency Inverter Series

PSI Frequency Inverter Series

The PSI 6000 Power Supply Inverter Series is manufactured by Rexroth Indramat Bosch. One thing that sets this series apart from other inverters and power supplies is that these units combine both a welding timer and a power supply unit into one. The weld timer is there to control the power supply and is also suitable for use with spot welding, project welding, repeat mode, and seam welding. The PSI6000 series gives you different options for the power supply units. The two options that are available are MF inverters and AC thyristor power supply units. The units also differ because they can have one of two cooling types. The units can either be cooled by use of water, or by blowing air. The differences can be determined by consulting the product name and the user’s manual.