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Pacific Scientific

105 Motion Control Card Series
The 105 Motion Control Card Series is used for powering and controlling stepper and servo motor component boards and cards. Examples of these are PC personality modules, motor control boards, I/O emulation boards, PC boards, PC CNC control, and drive CNC control. Still, other optional plug-ins include an I/O interface adapter board, an indexer/driver board, an emulator board, a SERCOS interface option card, an option memory card, and a programmable option card. They are durable, adaptable, and easy to install. The 105 series offers the highest rated performance and control capability for stepper and servo motor performance for both analog and digital in a wide range of industrial applications.

5000 Series
The 5000 Series had Stepper Motor Drives rated in NEMA 23. They are highly efficient motors. They have high torque and inertia and are designed for speed and acceleration with a 2.5 A power level. They are equipped with a 35 Vdc with integral power supply. The 5000 series features improved torque linearity for high peak torque capability, an acceleration boost for intermittent duty applications, low detent torque harmonic, rugged “housingless” square frame, two phase design for driver compatibility, and smoother microstepping. These 5000 series motors come in a wide range of shaft and winding configurations for motor-application performance and options for mounting an encoder provision for optimum control scheme. They are ideal for applications that require demanding motion at moderate speed.

6410 Series
This is the 6410 series of drives manufactured by Pacific Scientific. These drives convert step and direction into motor winding currents to control a two-phase stepper motor. These drives have a rated output current which is DIP selectable, ranging from a high of 5Amps to a low of 0.625Amps. These drives are capable of supplying regulated phase currents for supply voltages as low as 24VDC and up to 75VDC. Features of the 6410 drive series include mid-band instability compensation fluid operation and high resolutions in both mid-band and lesser speed resonance regions along with microstepping capabilities.The 6410 drive series is an award winning series created by Pacific Scientific. These drives have bipolar chop, digital electronic damping, short circuit protection, MOSFET power devices, and optically isolated signal interface connection. Contact us for a quote by calling or clicking the FAST QUOTE box.

6415 Series
This is the 6415 Microstep Drive series created by Pacific Scientific. These drives have integral ramped oscillator cards which are capable of controlling a wide range of voltages because they use a VOC or voltage controlled oscillator and related control wires. The integral oscillator cards also provide step pulse direction command outputs to the drive. A 6415 Drive is capable of converting stepper and direction outputs into motor winding currents, enabling full power over a two phase stepper motor. Prominent features and benefits of a 6415 drive include independent acceleration and deceleration allowing the attached motor to be programmed for high RPMs very quickly.Features of this drive include bipolar chop, microstepping, digital electronic damping, short circuit protection, Bus overvoltage coverage, two independent run speeds, internal and external speed command, and an enabled LED indicator. Here at Wake Industrial we can fulfill all of your questions and need concerning the 6415 Pacific Scientific drive series. Give us a call or click the FAST QUOTE box found above.

F Series
Pacific Scientific F series servo motors are among the most popular motors every designed and manufactured by PacSci. Now owned by Kollmorgen, these motors are made to meet high performance standards with special high inertia rotors. Pacific Scientific made the F series of motors for the sole purpose of having a more resilient and better designed rotary unit for applications where such a feature was necessary. This makes them very similar to the PacSci R servo motor series but with a big difference in the rotary construction. We can provide you with all necessary information and options for purchasing or repairing an F series servo motor.

K Series
The Pacific Scientific POWERPAC K Series General Purpose Motor (Sigmax®) comes in both NEMA 34 and 42 frame sizes and provides a remarkable range of torque and acceleration. K series motors are known for their high torque to inertia ratios which provide increased acceleration rates that can move loads fast. This general purpose motor uses Sigmax® flux-focusing technology to achieve such high rates. Sigmax® technology works by adding rare earth magnets between the stator and rotor that help concentrate magnetic flux at desired points between the rotor and stator, optimizing the flux path. The K series motors from Pacific Scientific can handle the toughest motion requirements and are a cost effective alternative to servo motors.

Low Inertia PMDC Servomotors
The Pacific Scientific 2VM Low Inertia PMDC (Permanent Magnet DC) Servomotor Series uses Alnico V-7 as magnet material. It features a Rated Current (Continuous) of 3.1-5.7 A. and comes with a Rated Voltage of 18-36 V. Because it is a PMDC motor, it uses permanent magnets that are located in stator to provide magnetic field, instead of stator winding. Cooling on these units is an option dependent upon the specific PacSci motor. The tachometer and optical encoder are two additional accessories which normally do not come straight from the manufacturer. These motors are a great solution to you automation motor needs.

Motors Brushless Motors by Pacific Scientific

OC940 Series
OC940 Series by Pacific Scientific

OC950 Series
The Pacific Scientific OC950 Programmable Option Card is an option card built for the Pacific Scientific SC900 Series Servo Drive’s option card slot. When you combine this card with the SC900 then the result will be the SC950. The upgraded SC950 has all the hardware resources of the SC900. This includes the 6 points of bi-directional discrete I/O, 2 analog outputs, an analog input, an encoder input port and an encoder output port. One of its features is providing a stand-alone, single-axis programmable positioning capability to a high performance digital servo drive. OC950 options are reliable, affordable, and efficient.

OCE940 Series
The OCE940 Series is composed of SERCOS interface option cards for the SC900 servo drives series. They are durable, easy to use, and able to be removed for easy configuration. These features are essential to setup a SERCOS fiber optic ring. This is a widely recognized industry standard. They are used to control servo drives with multi-axis functions in system used for a wide range of tough and demanding industrial applications. Many of these applications require demanding performance and precision. They allow for easy, smooth, and flexible performance over heavy and rigorous setup and functionalities. The COE940 Series features a I/O Voltage of 5V dc to 30v DC, 8 optically isolated inputs, and 8 optically isolated outputs.

PC800-PCE800 Series
The Pacific Scientific PCE800 Series is one of the next generation all-digital brushless servo drives. It comes in a package that is up to 40% smaller in size compared to equivalent older servo drives. Depending on your needs, you can choose between its two power levels of 1500 and 5000 Watts of shaft power that operate from a 380 - 480V ac line. It also comes with an easy to use Windows®-based software so setting it up will be a breeze. This software is compatible with nearly every computer on the market, making these drives easily installable globally.

Permanent Magnet DC Motors
The Pacific Scientific BA Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) Series are built tough and are ideal for rugged, quality construction and very stable operation. It uses low voltage with NEMA standards. The construction includes Class H armature insulation. It also features patented anti-cogging magnets for continuous low-speed operations. To ensure electrical and mechanical integrity, it uses a polyester-impregnated armature. It also has a rugged fused commutator and large sealed bearings for that extra layer of durability. You can use TEFC and TENV configurations with it. These are legacy motors, meaning, they have been used for decades. However, because of their reliability and low cost, they are still widely used today.

PMA Series
The Pacific Scientific PMA Servo Motor Series is one of the automation industry’s most rugged brushless servomotors. Its construction has a standard rating of IP57 and even IP67 rating on some models, which means that they are dust-proof and water-resistant. Its frame sizes range from 55mm square to 190mm square. They have a wide voltage input which extends from 240 to 480 volts. This ensures they can be used anywhere in the world. The PMA Series motors have windings that are tailored to match with SCE900 and SC900 drives, so when the combination is used together, it will result in higher performance and higher efficiency.

PMB Series
The PMB Series consists of Brushless Servo Motors. They are high performance, ideal for higher volume and light-industrial applications. The PMB series includes varying models such as: the PMB1, PMB2, and the PMB3 motor series. The PMB1 Series has 4-pole synchronous servomotors which have up to 11,000 RPMs and a torque range covering 0.22 to 0.50 Nm. The PMB2 Series has 8-pole synchronous servomotors which go up to 10,000 RPMs and cover a torque range from 0.45 to 1.40 Nm. The PMB3 Series has 8-pole synchronous servomotors which are capable of going up to 6,000 RPMs and covers a torque range from 1.62 to 4.84 Nm. The PMB series features Neodymium-iron-boron magnets, IP40 construction, and MS-type or AMP mini Mate-N-Lock® connectors on 18" leads. They are ideal for applications that require high acceleration and torque.

The Pacific Scientific POWERMAX II® M Series motors with SIGMAX® technology are the most powerful steppers available. Its 2-phase NEMA 23 sized hybrid stepper motor can provide the highest torque per motor size ranging from 0.67 to 1.79 N-m (95 to 253 oz-in) nominal holding torque and speeds up to 3,000 rpm. It also have a polymer encapsulated stator for an outstanding thermal dissipation and polymer end bell with threaded inserts that makes it run cooler while providing greater flexibility for mounting encoder and brake options. The exposed laminations also greatly improves thermal dissipation for longer motor life.

The PowerMax II P series, manufactured by Pacific Scientific, has a plethora of features which make it a first choice by end users worldwide. These motor have exceptional heat dissipation, helping their end bells to run cool even under high RPM settings. They have nearly endless options for brakes and encoders along with a stator enclosed in a special polymer threaded with inserts. Bearings, which are oversized and measure 30mm, are found in all of these motors. Sigmax technology and an optional low inertia rotary system are found on every SN PacSci motor. These motors can withstand high radial and axel overloads, allowing them to have the highest available torque at all times.

POWERPAC N Stepper Motor Series
The Pacific Scientific POWERPAC N Series General Purpose Motor (Standard) comes in both the NEMA 34 and 42 frame sizes, and provides a high level of torque and acceleration. The N POWERPAC Series motors are known for their high torque to inertia ratios, meaning increased acceleration, and can move loads fast. This general purpose motor uses Standard Hybrid technology to achieve its high torque and acceleration. Standard Hybrid technology creates torque producing flux that follows a path to the stator. The N POWERPAC Series motors can handle demanding motion requirements while remaining a cost effective alternative to other comparable motors.

PWM Series
The PWM Series are DC brushed treadmill motors. They are rugged, dependable and highly operational for handling tough and demanding industrial environments. PWM motors feature (DC) voltages ranging from 120 to 220, currents ranging from 11.2 A to 18.8 A, 1.5 H.P. to 4 H.P., and 2800 RPMs to 4800 RPMs. They have a wide range for operating all treadmill operation types. These motors are simple, round, and have a rugged construction design for functionality and consistency. PWM motors can withstand tough industrial applications in harsh demanding environments. They come with optional and connectable PWM speed controllers for modified speed-torque performance. They are ideal for applications that require speed and acceleration.

R Series
Pacific Scientific R series servomotors come in 5 available frame sizes ranging from 2 to 7.5 square inches. This series has a very wide continuous torque range that extends from 0.32 to 50Nm. Within the automation industry, PacSci R servomotors have the best inertia torque ratios and have been specifically designed to handle the most dynamic situations life has to offer. These motors are available in both metric and NEMA standards. This series can be broken down into R20, R30, R40, R60, and R80 motors. These motors use Samarium Cobalt magnets allowing for smooth and continuous use at all speed ranges.

S Series
The S Series comprises brushless servomotors in two frame sizes: NEMA 23 and NEMA 24. The S series has 6-pole synchronous servomotors with up to 12,500 RPM rated speeds. They offer continuous torque ranges from 0.5 Nm to 6.6 Nm. This series features rugged TENV IP65 construction and protection for harsh industrial environments. It also has high-quality interconnectron connectors for fast and easy installation and maintenance, an anti-cog stator design for smooth low-speed operation, Neodymium-iron-boron rotor magnets for maximum torque, multiple feedback and brake options for control and machine safety, and overtemperature safe-protection. They are ideal for applications that require maximum performance in tight minimum space.

SC100 Series
The Pacific Scientific SC100 Series of brushless servomotor velocity controllers are designed to be very durable. It uses screw terminals for that extra level of durability so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart. It uses a voltage input of either 100 or 240 volts so it is compatible to be used anywhere in the world. If durability and ruggedness is very important to you then you will not be disappointed with the SC100 series of servo motors. These motors are trusted by thousands of end-users who use SC100 motors continuously. Look no further if you need a reliable timeless motor to fit your automation needs.

SC320 Series
The Pacific Scientific SC320 Series Servo Drives are also known as Digital Position Command Controllers. They are perfectly suitable to be used with Pacific Scientifics’ full torque range of brushless servo motors. All SC320 Series Servo Drives have the standard 4-Quadrant controllers. One of its neat features is that you can use a Digital Personality Module with it. A Digital Personality Module is an add-on that will help you setting up and maintaining SC320 a lot easier compared to manually doing it. SC320 drives are renowned for their dependably and energy efficiency, making them a first choice for end users in automation around the world.

SC400 Series
SC400 servo drives, manufactured by Pacific Scientific, represent one of the best modern day drive series for analog velocity and torque control. These drives are capable accepting any analog command given to the drive. They have a velocity and torque control output which is proportional to a + or – 10V input. For velocity control, the end user must close the position of the loop. For torque control on SC400s, the end user must close the velocity and/or the position of the loop. These drives are rated to have either a 30/1,500 to 23/3,000 maximum continuous rated torque for pounds per inch.

SC450 Series
The Danaher Motion Pacific Scientific SC450 Series are Programmable Brushless Servocontrollers designed for Danaher Motion Pacific Scientific Brushless servomotors and are compatible with 3-phase permanent magnetic Brushless servomotors. They are independent stand-alone controllers which come in multiple models such as: the SC451 with a 1000 Watt peak power output capability, the SC452 with a 2000 Watt peak power output capability, and the SC453 with a 4500 Watt peak power output capability. This series features Micro-processor-based design for reliability and flexibility, the Danaher Motion Pacific Scientific's ServoBASIC which combines easy BASIC language programming and sophisticated motion control features, RS-232 or RS-485 serial communications port, resolver control requiring just a single resolver, and transformerless 115/230 VAC line operation.

SC720 Series
The SC720 Series is made up of Digital Position Command Controllers. They are independent stand-alone 4-quadrant controllers, designed specifically for single and multi-axis use in harsh industrial environments. They have a continuous current of 3.8A to 60A with a 7.5A to 120A peak. This series has analog control, an integral power supply, a high-frequency PWM current control, UL recognition, 5 power levels, 7-segment controller status display, and single frameless resolver for reliable feedback. The SC720 series has removable personality modules for all motor application drive settings and parameters. Paired with IGBT technology for high bandwidth 20 kHz PWM efficient control and transformerless 240/120 Vac line operation, these drive are often considered to be among the most well outfitted position controllers on the market. All SC720 drives have an IGBT PWM output stage and output short circuit over temperature protection.

SC750 Servo Drives
 The SC750 Series of drives manufactured by Pacific Scientific are single axis servo controllers capable of providing torque, position, and velocity digital readings for brushless servo motors. The peak power for drives within this series ranges from 2,200Watts, found within the SC752s, to 36,000Watts, found within the SC756s. All drives within the SC750 series are equal in function but vary depending on the required output for the automation environment. When using PacSci motors, these drives are capable of providing continuous torque ranges from 5.4 pounds per inch to 451 pounds per inch. Features of the SC750 Drive Series includes ServoBASIC Plus programming language, resolver control, a stand-alone design, signature integral communication, encoder emulation output, and an interactive motion dialogue programming environment. Here at Wake Industrial we can fulfill all of your questions and need concerning the SC750 Pacific Scientific Drive Series. Give us a call or click the FAST QUOTE box found above.               

SC900 Series
The Pacific Scientific SC900 series is a family of single axis resolver based brushless servo drives. SC900 drives require medium power and offer high performance for heavy volume OEM applications. Designed to be paired with resolver equipped brushless 3-phase permanent magnet motors, these economical drives include state of the art features like an all digital DSP-based control, digital auto-tuning, modular construction, and easy to use application software. SC900 drives have a power level that ranges from 7.5 to 60 Amps, and allow for option cards to be used. Option cards further increase the capability of the drive and allow for operating adjustments and parameters to be set and stored in memory.

SCE900 Series
The Pacific Scientific SCE900 series consist of a family of cost-effective, medium power, single axis, high performance servo drives. SCE900 servo drives were designed to be paired with a brushless 3-phase permanent magnet motor equipped with a resolver. The SCE900 family uses the same control interface as the SC900 series but with upgraded power electronics compatible with U.S. 480 VAC and European 400 VAC mains. SCE900 drives feature a modular construction with a removable option card that allows easy configuration for the end user. System and application settings are all set in the software allowing for easy tuning and a predictable setup.

SN Series
Pacific Scientific SN synchronous motors have Power Sync technology, allowing for efficient bi-directional movement at low constant velocities. These motors were designed to be used anywhere, making them easy to configure and turn on with a simple connection to any AC line voltage source. These motors can have their speed dialed up or down based on the gear settings assigned to the gear box, timing belt, or pull system connected to the motor. PacSci SN motor have a rated torque which goes up to 1,500 oz per in. This is only made possible by using Power Sync Technology. This technology also allows the temperature of these motor to be lower than any other motor of its type in the automation industry.

T Series
The pacific Scientific T series is comprised of high torque NEMA 23 motors. There are 4 models of motors within the T series: the T2H, T21, T22 with 3.06 max length, and T22 with 4.06 max length. The T boasts the highest torque rating in relation to frame size for all automation motors. These motors have a unique 2 phase design, an option to mount an encoder, steady to high torque at moderate to fast speeds, and a low detent torque harmonic. These motor have a box construction which have optional terminal boxes and a wide variety of configurations that shafts, windings, and terminals can be programmed .

VC Motor Series
The VC Series is comprised of servo motors with distinctive physical similarities with the PWM Series having differences in functionality and operations. They are rugged, dependable and highly operational for handling tough and demanding industrial applications. The VC series features a (AC) Voltage of 120, currents ranging from 3.4 A to 5 A, 1/3 H.P. to 1/2 H.P., and 900 RPM to 1800 RPM rated speeds. These speeds are typical ranges of operating speeds. These motors have simple, round and rugged construction design for functionality and consistency. They are also built for tough industrial applications in harsh, demanding environments. They are ideal for applications that require speed and acceleration.