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07 Drives, Motors
KEB has millions of these 07 COMBIVERT drives installed in automation facilities around the world. These drives have been stress tested and used for decades because of KEB’s constant desire to innovate and exceed the expectations of customers. These drives are very dynamic in that they regulate frequencies and perform the same tasks as normal servo controllers. They have encoderless processing power, making them a solve-all solution to virtually any automation task. KEB also built their drives with up-to-date safety measurements, ensuring more run time and less hazardous accidents. KEB produces automation servo drives that outperform 2 drives from the previous decade.

09 Series Drives
The 09 drives manufactured by KEB are standard frequency inverters for tough environment tasks. They are designed for use in regulated and controlled settings. 09 drives can be used in place of synchronous or asynchronous drives. Through specialized software developed by the KEB software engineers these drive are able to meet all requirements for torque, speed, break-away torque, and encoder feedback. Because 09 drives can perform at higher levels of efficiency and control than other servo controllers, they are easily installed in running automation lines. This prevents long periods of down time and more opportunities for run time.

Combivert Drives
KEB COMBIVERT drives are generalized as frequency converters used in a various automation activites. COMBIVERT drives are known for being well liked among product and line engineers because of their small size. They average in power ratings, extending from 0.75kW to 30kW. They can be used for asynchronous motor control or synchronous servo motor control, depending on job requirements. These drives have zero amount of return. Because the outlay of the drive was designed to be modular, there is a nice consistency and uniformity throughout the drive range. Communication options are available in EtherCAT, CANopen, I/O Link, VARAN, and diagnostic interface.