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KDA Series

KDA Series

The KDA Main Spindle Drive Series was manufactured by Indramat Rexroth to be used with INDRAMAT’s 2AD asynchronous motors and 1MB frameless spindle motors that have a continuous output at the shaft of 3 to 22kW. These drives are unique because of their high stiffness, positioning features and large speed range with continuous power. Due to these features this drive is well suited to be used as a spindle drive and for spindle positioning with C-axis operation. A microcomputer, located in the drive itself, performs the drive controls and monitors the drive as it works. With a speed control range of 0.0005 rpm the KDA Main Spindle Drive offers excellent and high-quality C-axis operation. The KDA Main Spindle Drive uses SERCOS interface for all it’s parts.

KDA 2.1-100-3-A00-W1 KDA 2.1-100-3-A0I-W1 KDA 2.1-100-3-A0S-W1 KDA 2.1-100-3-AP0-W1 KDA 2.1-150-3-A00-U1-115 KDA 2.1-150-3-A00-W1-220 KDA 2.1-150-3-AP0-U1-115 KDA 3.2-050-3-A00-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-A00-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-A0I-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-A0I-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-A0S-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-A0S-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-AP0-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-AP0-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-APD-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-APD-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-D00-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-D00-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-D0D-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-D0I-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-DP0-W1 KDA 3.2-050-3-DPD-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-L00-U1 KDA 3.2-050-3-L00-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A00-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A00-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A00-W1-220 KDA 3.2-100-3-A0D-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A0D-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A0I-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A0I-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A0S-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-A0S-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-AP0-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-AP0-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-APD-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-APD-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-API-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-D00-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-D00-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-D0I-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-DP0-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-DP0-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-DPD-U1 KDA 3.2-100-3-DPD-W1 KDA 3.2-100-3-L00-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A00-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A00-W0 KDA 3.2-150-3-A00-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A0I-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A0D-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A0D-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A0I-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A0S-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A0S-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-AP0-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-AP0-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-APD-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-APD-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-API-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-API-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-D00-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-D00-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-D0I-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-DP0-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-DP0-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-DPD-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-DPD-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-L00-U1 KDA 3.2-150-3-L00-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-LP0-W1 KDA 3.3-050-3-A00-U1 KDA 3.3-050-3-A00-W1 KDA 3.3-050-3-A0I-W1 KDA 3.3-050-3-A0S-W1 KDA 3.3-050-3-AP0-U1 KDA 3.3-050-3-AP0-W1 KDA 3.3-050-3-DPD-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-A00-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-A00-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-A0D-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-A0I-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-A0I-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-A0S-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-AP0-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-AP0-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-APD-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-API-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-AY0-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-D00-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-D00-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-D0I-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-DP0-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-DPD-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-DPD-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-L00-U1 KDA 3.3-100-3-L00-W1 KDA 3.3-100-3-LP0-U1 KDA 3.3-150-3-A00-U1 KDA 3.3-150-3-A00-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-A0D-U1 KDA 3.3-150-3-A0I-U1 KDA 3.3-150-3-A0I-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-A0S-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-AP0-U1 KDA 3.3-150-3-AP0-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-APD-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-API-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-AYI-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-D00-U1 KDA 3.3-150-3-D00-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-D0D-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-D0I-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-DP0-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-L00-U1 KDA 3.3-150-3-L00-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-LP0-W1 KDA 1.1-100-3-A00-W1/220 KDA 1.1-150-3-A00-W1/115 KDA 1.1-150-3-A00-W1/220 KDA 2.1-100-3-A00-U1-115 KDA 3.2-050-3-A0S-W1-220V KDA 3.2-100-3-D01-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A00-W1-220V KDA 3.2-150-3-A01-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-D00-W1/220 KDA 3.3-100-2-A00-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-A01-W1 KDA 3.3-150-3-W1 KDA3.3-150-3-DP0-W1 KDA 2.1-100-3-AP0-U1-115 KDA 2.1-100-3-AP0-W1-220 KDA 2.1-100-3-APD-U1-115 KDA 2.1-100-3-APD-W1-220 KDA 2.1-100-3-DP0-U1-115 KDA 2.1-100-3-DP0-W1-220 KDA 2.1-150-3-AP0-W1-220 KDA 2.1-150-3-APD-U1-115 KDA 2.1-150-3-APD-W1-220 KDA 2.1-150-3-DP0-U1-115 KDA 2.1-150-3-DP0-W1-220 KDA 3.2-100-3-A00-W1/S001 KDA 3.2-100-5-A00-W1 KDA 3.2-150-3-A00-W1/S001 KDA 3.2-150-3-A0I-W1/S001