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BTV04 Series

BTV04 Series

The BTV04 is a tiny control panel designed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device is used to operate and control machinery through a graphical user interface. The control panel is 203x143x45 mm in size and weighs 1.7kg. It consists of an aluminum front panel, a 128x64 pixel LCD display, an impact-resistant enclosure and 38 keys. Of the 38 keys, 16 are machine control keys with LEDs and 7 that can be programmed by end users for specific needs. The BTV04 has powerful hardware consisting of a series 68000 microcontroller, 1 MB of flash memory, 512 KB ram, and two non-isolated serial interfaces. It is fitted with 10x24 V inputs and 11x24 V outputs. Furthermore, it is equipped with RS485 and a RS232 interfaces to enable communication between other Indramat products. To setup the control panel for the first time, software for the unit has to be loaded onto the BTV04 using a PC and a connection cable. The software will then guide you through the setting and customization procedures.