Kollmorgen Servo and Stepper drives are among the most advanced controllers of automated motion on the market. Kollmorgen thousands of options ranging from fieldbus connectivity options, analog interfaces, sercos control interfaces, and advanced modified controllers capable of performing tasks which are environment specific. Paired with Kollmorgen motors, there is no motion task that cannot be accomplished with Kollmorgen products. Each drive has a high loop control updating rate and high interpolation levels between the drive itself and incoming feedback, making them easily configurable. Engineers worldwide have recognized the ingenuity of product design in Kollomorgen stepper drives. These drives are able to run extremely cool due to idle current reduction modifications and compensators for midrange instability of frequencies.

AKM2G Series
Kollmorgen offers a huge selection of permanent magnetic motors, fitting the specialized automation need of millions globally. Their family of motors ranges from generic 1,500RPM combustion proof servo motors to completely custom 70,000 RPM high speed rotary motor systems. Kollmorgen is known for producing some of the best inertia to speed ratio motor in the industry. Backed by years of automation manufacturing experience, Kollmorgen has mastered the art of making servo motors. From tiny pancake servos, pressure sensitive submersible motors, high performance torque gears, or explosion proof Class 1 motors, Kollmorgen has over 500,000 models of servo motors available. Regardless, of your motor need, Kollmorgen motors can provide the perfect platform of motion you need.

AKM Series

AKMH Series

EP High Performance Motor Series
Kollmorgen Explosion Proof motors have developed to ensure a functioning system that meets the demands of harsh environmental criteria. Thus, allowing for machine builders to successfully accomplish the demands for ATEX certification alongside saving time and money. These permanent magnet DC motors feature anti-cog magnets and a 1750 RPM for a constant and smooth operation speed. These motors are SCR rated and fall in qualifications with NEMA standards. Ranging from ¼ HP to ¾ HP, each motor provides a high capacity for overcurrent and includes dynamic breaking. Backed with years in experience in manufacturing motors, Kollmorgen EP motors are certain to attain the demands even amongst the harshest environments. Despite your motor demand, Kollmorgen is certain to provide the ideal product needed.

DDR Motors
Kollmorgen’s Direct Drive Rotary motors are high performance motors requiring no sustentation. These motors provide dual bearing and four different frame sizes to fit in direct company to its load and permit continuous error-free functioning of the system. The removal of gearboxes, timing belts and other transmission elements is due to the numerous magnetic poles that deliver a high outstanding torque density and its latest build. The withdrawal of gears and various transmission elements provide to its zero maintenance and its significantly quieter function. The build on the DDR motors ensures a flawless solution for every application. Kollmorgen’s years of expertise have allowed their motors to excel and meet even the highest demands.

IC Iorncore Direct Drive Motor
Kollmorgen’s IC Ironcore motor series dispense an impeccable force in contrast to its frame size. The IC motors allow for an effortless function through its anti-cogging composition. It allows for peak efficiency with minimal thermal loss. Kollmorgen’s Direct Drive Motors allow for no maintenance as they obliterated the gearboxes, and several other transmission systems. The IC motor contains coils around the silicon steel that amplify the force created. These motors provide a range of 144 N to 6926 N of continuous force and 320 N to 8407 N of peak force. The IC motors effortlessly reach a peak acceleration of over 10 G. With years of expertise in motors, Kollmorgen will provide the perfect solution for your needs.

EB Explosion Proof Motor Series
Kollmorgen’s Explosion Proof Motors appease even the biggest demands of appliances in the most rigid environments. With Kollmorgen EP motor’s, you save time and money as these motors satisfy ATEX certification criteria. These EB explosion proof motors are best suited for hazardous settings where there are combustible gases or vapors. These motors have demonstrated that they tolerate internal explosions without erupting or allowing flaming to contact the external frame. With an outstanding speed of 7500 RPM, the EB motors are 230 VAC explosion-proof, delivering a high torque per volume ratio. It contains an innate thermostat and is class H insulated. With a discernibly developed explosion proof motor line and years of expertise in motors, Kollmorgen is certain to have the motor for your needs.

IL Ironless DDL Motor Series
The direct drive linear motors are a series in which no upkeep is required as they are absent of various parts such as gearboxes, racks, belts, and pulleys. Provided with a sleek design this motor can be paired straight to the bounded load, thus eliminating unnecessary components which provide for an accelerated and error-free system. The IL Ironless Series lack the coil windings allowing for a light-weight body that open way for zero attractiveness and cogging. The IL motors pair best with appliances that depend upon high acceleration of buoyant loads, a constant acceleration even at incredibly slow momentums. The DDL motor series grant a quiet operation alongside their significant positional accuracy. Backed by years of development and improvement, Kollmorgen will provide the exact motor to meet even the highest demands.

E Hybrid Stepper Motor Series
Backed with years of expertise in production of motors, Kollmorgen’s E hybrid motors are without a doubt hugely versatile and efficient machines. The E hybrid motors are feasibly altered to operate with various appliances with their wide scope in windings and connectors. The E motor series features SIGMAX mechanization providing greater acceleration rates and superior torque rates. It is available in three NEMA round frame sizes, the NEMA size 34 and 42 contain class B insulation and are UL validated. Kollmorgen is known for providing the best inertia to speed ratio in the automation industry. Their extensive spectrum of stepper motors is packed with agile and specific positioning that can withstand remarkable holding torque. Regardless of you’re motor need, Kollmorgen is packed with the best solutions for your motor needs.