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AKD Servo Drive Series
The AKD Drive Series is a premium servo drive line. As ethernet-based drives, they are easy to coordinate with any appliance. These drives are the fastest drives in their collection. They are by far the greatest resourceful drives, with numerous ethernet connections, evaluation equipment and a multitude of other options. Even with a compact layout, these drives prove powerful for even the highest industrial needs. These drives are provided in an array of power, to meet any needs. When conjoined with servo units, it enhances its capabilities to offer a premier leading-edge servo drive. With top notch experience, Kollmorgen’s AKD Servo Drive is the cream of the crop, with a multitude of modifications ensuring that your motion needs are completely satisfied.

AKD-PDMM Servo Drive Series
The AKD PDMM drive is the product of one of the most formidable automation companies. It features the synthesis of the AKD servo drive abilities and the aptitude of a motion player. Offering Kollmorgen’s top automation effectiveness, it features completely unified programming, commissioning, testing and setup. With this valuable piece of machinery, there is the benefit of reduction in capacity occupied as it functions like three machines in one: AKD drive, multi configurable appliance and movement control. Containing the ability to decrease potential risk and increasing execution, Kollmorgen’s architecture is proven greatness. Backed by years of expertise and a formidable reputation, Kollmorgen is certain to have a solution for any automotive needs.

AKM Servo Motor Series
The AKM Series is a servo motor with industry dominant power consistency. This innovative set of motors allows for a multitude of alterations for precise fit design. These motors offer low cogging technology and minor harmonic deformity for smooth precise enterprise. With direct connections to nearly all of Kollmorgen’s drives, the revolutionary AKM series are easy to use and above all productive. Particularly, these motors are easy to instruct and function as they contain P&P technology making it easily recognizable and as well a constant frequency control on the AKD drives. With years of expertise reforming this cutting edge technology, and the multitude of modifications available, Kollmorgen is certain to have the motor to meet all demands in a satisfactory manner.

AKM2G Series
Kollmorgen offers a huge selection of permanent magnetic motors, fitting the specialized automation need of millions globally. Their family of motors ranges from generic 1,500RPM combustion proof servo motors to completely custom 70,000 RPM high speed rotary motor systems. Kollmorgen is known for producing some of the best inertia to speed ratio motor in the industry. Backed by years of automation manufacturing experience, Kollmorgen has mastered the art of making servo motors. From tiny pancake servos, pressure sensitive submersible motors, high performance torque gears, or explosion proof Class 1 motors, Kollmorgen has over 500,000 models of servo motors available. Regardless, of your motor need, Kollmorgen motors can provide the perfect platform of motion you need.

AKMH Series

BA and BAF Low Voltage Motor Series
BA and BAF Low Voltage Motor Series

Cartridge DDR Motor
The Cartridge Direct Drive series features the desirable attributes of two different components, with the innovative combination of high quality effectiveness of a frameless motor and the simplicity in installation of a full-frame motor. Due to the effectiveness of the full frame-motor body, the installation of this motor should not take longer than five minutes on certain models. The model design offers space proficiency and top tier performance. As with a regular DDR motor, there is the low cogging technology for a smooth rotation. Advanced with a progressive compression coupling, this motor will effectively and efficiently accomplish all desired requirements. Backed by years of expertise, the Cartridge DDR motor is cutting edge technology is certain to fulfill all and any requirements.

CT Stepper Motor Series
Backed with years of expertise, Kollmorgen has revolutionized the stepper motors to deliver faster and accurate positions while maintaining outstanding torque. The inclusion of stepper motors have allowed to reduce the machine lay out which in turn diminish the absolute cost in comparison to servo motors. These motors tolerate a hefty mechanical haul and feature NEMA frames in sizes 17 and 23. These stepper motors can be customized to fit all solutions with their variety of sizes, development, windings and custom leads. The division into equal sized steps grant a faster positioning of a haul at any portion of the divisions. Kollmorgen will provide the exact stepper motor to attract the harshest demands.

DDR Motors
Kollmorgen’s Direct Drive Rotary motors are high performance motors requiring no sustentation. These motors provide dual bearings and four different frame sizes to fit in direct company to its load. This permits DDR motors to operate in a continuous error-free way while functioning within your system. The removal of gearboxes, timing belts and other transmission elements is due to the numerous magnetic poles that deliver a high outstanding torque density. The withdrawal of gears and various transmission elements enables a virtually “zero maintenance” state and significantly lowers the noise of the DDR motors during operation. DDR motors ensure a flawless solution for every application. Kollmorgen’s years of expertise have allowed their motors to excel and meet even the highest demands.

E Hybrid Stepper Motor Series
Backed with years of expertise in producing a wide variety of motors, Kollmorgen’s E hybrid motors are without a doubt, versatile and efficient products. E hybrid motors can be quickly altered to operate with various appliances within their scope of use in terms of windings and connectors. The E motor series features SIGMAX technology which provides them greater acceleration and torque rates. It is available in three NEMA round frame sizes, the NEMA size 34 and 42 contain class B insulation and are UL validated. Kollmorgen is known for providing the best inertia to speed ratio in the automation industry. Their extensive spectrum of stepper motors is packed with agile and specific positioning that can withstand remarkable holding torque. Regardless of your motor needs, Kollmorgen is packed with the best solutions for your motor needs.

EB Explosion Proof Motor Series
Kollmorgen’s Explosion Proof Motors can conquer even the biggest automation system requirements that the automation world has to offer. With Kollmorgen’s EP motors, you save time and money. These motors satisfy ATEX certification criteria. EB explosion proof motors are best suited for hazardous settings where there are combustible gases or vapors. They have demonstrated that they tolerate internal explosions without erupting or allowing a internal flame to contact an external frame. With an outstanding speed of 7,500 RPM and 230 VAC power rating, these units can deliver a high torque to shaft turn volume ratio. Each EB motor contains an intergal thermostat and is class H insulated. With a discernibly developed explosion proof motor line and years of expertise in motors, Kollmorgen is certain to have a motor that fits your needs.

EP High Performance Motor Series
Kollmorgen Explosion Proof motors have developed to ensure a functioning system that meets the demands of harsh environmental criteria. This allows for machine builders to successfully accomplish the challenges relating specifically to ATEX certification. These permanent magnet DC motors feature anti-cog magnets and a 1750 RPM for a constant and smooth operation speed. These motors are SCR rated and fall in qualifications with NEMA standards. Ranging from ¼ HP to ¾ HP, each motor provides a high capacity for overcurrent and includes dynamic breaking. Backed with years in experience in manufacturing motors, Kollmorgen EP motors are certain to attain the demands even amongst the harshest environments. Despite what you demand out of a motor, Kollmorgen is certain to provide the ideal product capable of exceeding your expectations.

IC Ironcore Direct Drive Motor
Kollmorgen’s IC Ironcore motor series have industry leading force to frame size ratio. The IC motors allow for a smooth operation because of its specially designed anti-cogging composition. It allows for peak efficiency with minimal thermal loss. Kollmorgen’s Direct Drive Motors allow for no maintenance as they obliterated the gearboxes, and several other transmission systems. The IC motor contains coils around the silicon steel that amplify the overall force created. These motors provide a range of 144 N to 6926 N of continuous force and 320 N to 8407 N of peak force. The IC motors reach a peak acceleration of over 10G. With years of expertise in motors, Kollmorgen can provide the perfect solution for your motor needs.

ICD Ironcore Series
The flat design of the direct drive motors allow for dynamic speeds and impeccable accelerations, alongside high stiffness. Thus, allowing for phenomenal operation with smooth motion free of error. The ICD series yields the most force per frame size and promote an anti-cogging layout for optimal performance. As the ICD is part of the linear drive motors, there are fewer screws, racks, belts, pulleys and gearboxes. This compact body allows it to run smoother and faster in comparison to other motors. It requires no maintenance and maintains a consistent force with little thermal loss. It’s range of continuous force allows it to accommodate to various applications, it is sure to meet all needs. Backed with years of experience, Kollmorgen has revolutionized the automation industry. It is sure to have the motor for all of your automotive needs.

IL Ironless DDL Motor Series
The direct drive linear motors are a series in which no upkeep is required becuase various parts such as gearboxes, racks, belts, and pulleys are not present. Manufactured with a sleek design, these motors can be paired straight to a bounded load helping to eliminate unnecessary components. Because they cut down on extra parts listed above, end users can experience accelerated and error-free setup times. IL motors pair best with appliances that depend upon high acceleration of buoyant loads and loads which require constant acceleration at incredibly slow momentums. The DDL motor series grants users a quiet operation alongside significant positional accuracy and control. Backed by years of development and improvement, Kollmorgen will provide the exact motor to meet whatever demand you require.

Kollmorgen Goldline B and BH Series
The Goldline B / BH series is one of a kind. As part of their Goldline B/M & BH/MH Series, these motors feature minimal inertia, providing optimal production for appliances needing quick expedition and deceleration. The layout allows for an escalating torque and power density, the permanent magnet model is golden in providing these functions as it eradicates air gap inefficiency. These function on a 230 VAC powerline, while the BH motors run on a 400/480 VAC. Backed with years of experience, Kollmorgen’s Goldline series grants a variety of modifications that meet any motion needs.

KSM Safety Solution Series
The KSM Safety Solutions are designed to provide a safe motion control for all applications. Using the KSM Safety Solutions allows for a higher mark of efficiency as well as reduce cost in comparison to COTS elements. The KSM solutions are certified by TUV attaining PLe and SIL3 certification. Within all KSM Solutions, they are packed with all the safe motion functions needed for all solutions.. There are the Compact Safety Module and Modular Safety PLC within the series. They also feature EtherCAT, CANopen, Profinet, PROFIsafe, and EtherCAT FSOE slave connectivity. Through use of its modular design, these safety solutions are flexible and expandable. Kollmorgen’s team of expertise have refined the KSM Modules to provide for the best quality and highest efficiency.

M Goldline Servo Motor Series
As part of the Goldline series, the M servo motor series features various voltages, sizes and modifications to fit a variety of appliances. Through its design, features such as high torque and power density are achieved. The M and MH servo motor is ideal for any operation that requires a swift acceleration and deceleration. It functions greatly with large inertia imbalances and reluctance in load sizes. These motors contain seven times more inertia than the B-series, classifying it as a medium-inertia motor offering a greater performance to the table. With a variety of features from, rugged resolver feedback to rear shaft extensions; as well as added options such as NEMA mountings and front mounted gearheads. Regardless of the appliances, Kollmorgens years of expertise in automation is positive to meet any demands on any motors.

MX Series Hazardous Duty
The MX Stepper Motor Series is cutting edge machinery, in function with Class one, division one, and group D locations. Available in two different models, both feature NEMA rated frame sizes. This cutting edge technology allows for the highest torque expectations by reaching a velocity of 3000 RPM. These maintenance-free motors grant an affordable and efficient control eliminating the necessity of feedback appliances. Kollmorgen is prepared and offers various customizable properties allowing all motors to adequately meet any motion needs. With unmatched technology, the MX stepper motors are explosion-proof motors meant for hazardous duty to satisfy any motion need. Upon years of expertise, these motors provide the ability to function efficiently and effectively, capable of exceeding your expectations.

P7000 Stepper Drive Series
The P7000 series manufactured by Kollmorgen grants incomparable smoothness, performance and modernization. These stepper drives ideally function with phase two NEMA step motors, offering various features for a wide array of appliances that require high speed functionality and low speed precision. This series features both AC and DC drives as well as 9 configurable inputs, a fault output and one user-configurable output. These drives are also featured in SD and PN standard versions. Kollmorgens stepper drives are amongst the most advanced controllers of automated motion on the market. Paired with Kollmorgens incomparable stepper motors, there are no motion endeavors unachievable to these pairings. Regardless of your drive and motors needs, Kollmorgen’s years of expertise is certain be the motion platform you need.

S200 Servo Drive Series
The S200 Servo Drive Series is the revolutionary, all-digital, commercial use drives; it features an 800 Hz velocity loop transmission capacity. These drives offer high-resolution reports, as well as a high performance current loop that provides a smooth and expeditious reaction. With compact design, these drives permit smaller mounting and adjacent positioning to the objective. Reduction in engineering and support time made available through the straightforward graphical user interface, in short reducing the overall cost. Not to mention that it consists of a long machine life with its isolated inputs and outputs, fault protection and locking connectors. With years of expertise, there is no such motion task Kollmorgen can’t achieve. Distinguished by engineers worldwide, these Servo drives are the top tier choice for your needs.

S300 Servo Drive Series
The S300 Servo Drive is a Kollmorgen revolutionary servo drive series. Featuring a compact design with assorted methods of connectedness and the traditional servo drive dynamis motion. These servo drives function with Kollmorgen’s rotary motors and linear positioners allowing for a high operation result for a variety of appliances. This servo drives reduce not only cost but also engineering and support time, with its straightforward windows stationed graphical interface. Featuring an array of power ranges, that redistributes all through the machine permitting a single drive family. These drives are consistent with a multitude of feedback preferences. Kollmorgen’s years of expertise in engineering and automation has allowed for revolutionary cutting edge technology that is assured to meet any and all motion demands.

S400 Servo Drive Series
The S400 Servo Drive is a multi-axis drive that releases an output current of about 3-6 amps. It allows up to seven extension axes and supports one master axis. The S400 servo drives deliver a powerful 400 volts rated current. Features such as cogging elimination and optimized resolver interface are only a few from the long list of phenomenal attributes within this servo drive. As part of this manufacturer's servo drive family,these drives are manufactured to administer proper control, excellent torque and a complex multitude of features that ensures it holds up to its formidable reputation of excellence. With years of expertise in developing top tier motion solutions, Kollmorgen is sure to include the application for your motion needs.

S600 Servo Drive Series
The S600 servo drive series is a serviced series manufactured by Kollmorgen. These drives are beyond versatile therefore being able to accomplish even the most complex and demanding tasks. Features such as cogging elimination and optimized resolver interface are only a few from the long list of phenomenal attributes within this servo drive. As part of this manufacturer's servo drive family,these drives are manufactured to administer proper control, excellent torque and a complex multitude of features that ensures it holds up to its formidable reputation of excellence. With years of expertise in developing top tier motion solutions, Kollmorgen is sure to include the application for your motion needs.

S700 Servo Drive Series
The S700 servo drive series is an efficient and diverse series manufactured by a leader in automation. These drives are beyond versatile therefore being able to accomplish even the most complex and demanding tasks. Features such as cogging elimination and optimized resolver interface are only a few from the long list of phenomenal attributes within this servo drive. As part of this manufacturer's servo drive family,these drives are manufactured to administer proper control, excellent torque and a complex multitude of features that ensures it holds up to its formidable reputation of excellence. With years of expertise in developing top tier motion solutions, Kollmorgen is sure to include the application for your motion needs.

SR and SRF Permanent Magnet DC Motor Series
The SR and SRF series is a Permanent Magnet DC motor manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of the Brush DC motors family. Featuring class H insulation and UL recognition, this top of the line motor is certain to match expectations. Built with anti-cog magnets providing a smooth low speed performance, this NEMA rated motor allows for optimal usage. Along with its smooth effectiveness, it also features the capacity for excessive overcurrent and a potent braking system. Containing voltages of 90volts to 180 volts and 1750 RPM, this motor is sure to impress. Kollmorgen’s motors are top of the line performance tools, sure to meet any and every expectation. With years of expertise, Kollmorgen is sure to accomplish all demands.

STF Washdown Motor
The STF motors is a culinary grade series accredited by the Bakery Industry Sanitation Standards Committee. As a food grade motor it is ensured to attain the grades and decree imposed to acquire the hygienic specification of food grade motors. Featuring 90 volts and 1750 revolutions per minute in ¼ through 1 HP washdown motors. As well as 180 volts and 1750 revolutions per minute. Kollmorgen assures that these STF motors qualify and achieve the highest hygienic requisites reliable for comestible automation. Consistent with Kollmorgen’s course of proficiency, the STF motor series will be equivalent to the standards and performance of all other Kollmorgen solutions, confident to satisfy any motion needs.

Torquer Brushless Motor Series
The Torquer Brushless Motor series is manufactured by Kollmrogen as part of the Direct Drive Rotary Motors. This motor is ideal for appliances that demand high power in a confined space. This motor is directly integrated into the appliance as the appliance will use its own bearings to uphold it. Alongside its compact design, several features can be implemented in order to meet all needs granting its cost-effectiveness. With a large variety of choices, you could get a standar motor or include modifications to allow for an exact fit that delivers the greatest power. With years of expertise, the TBM Series is sure to achieve all demands from high power and exact fit. The TBM series is sure to meet all your motion needs.

VLM Servo Motor Series
The VLM series features top of the line servo motors manufactured by Kollmorgen. The VLM motor features the powerful torque and efficiency of a servo motor, while remaining within reasonable appliance costs. Available in the NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes, this motor is easy to use as it contains the standard windings and mounts that many other servo motors withhold. The VLM motor can reach up to 6000 RPM, delivering the powerful performance of a servo motor. These motors focus on a range of torque starting from 0.5N-m to 16N-m. With years of expertise and a line of reputable servo motors, Kollmorgen’s VLM motor series is definite to equal all your motion needs.