The service that I received was outstanding!

~ Gary Douglas Excellent Ontario, Canada

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Kollmorgen has more than 100 years of research and innovation under its belt, designing optics, motors, and eventually industrial automation systems for the late 20th century technology boom. Friedrich Kollmorgen, the creator of Kollmorgen, liked keeping his inventions simplistic and reliable. Kollmorgen still abides by this logic today, making some of the most dependable motors and servo drives on the automation market. They market and sell to thousands of industries ranging from large food packaging plants to small printing operations. Their products can be found in hundreds of countries around the world. Kollmorgen products offer affordable solutions to complex automation problems.

5000 Indexer Drive 60wks Analog Servo Amplifier Series Advanced Kollmorgen Terminal (AKT) I/O Series AKD Servo Drive Series AKD-PDMM Servo Drive Series AKI Panel Series AKM Servo Motor Series AKM2G Series AKMH Series B8000 Brushless Servo Smart Drive Series BA and BAF Low Voltage Motor Series Cartridge DDR Motor CD Servostar Drive Series CT Stepper Motor Series DBL Synchronous Servomotors Series DDR Motors DIGIFAS 7000 Servo Amplifier Series DSA Drive Series E Hybrid Stepper Motor Series EB Explosion Proof Motor Series EP High Performance Motor Series H Series IC Ironcore Direct Drive Motor ICD Ironcore Series IL Ironless DDL Motor Series Kollmorgen Goldline B and BH Series Kollmorgen Servo Cables KSM Safety Solution Series LSM Brushless Servo Motor Series M Goldline Servo Motor Series M4000 Digital DC Drive Series MMC Standalone Smart Drive Series MSM Servo Motor Series MTC Servo Motor Series MX Series Hazardous Duty MX2000 Motion Controller Series NEXTSTEP Microstepping Drive Series P6000 Stepper Drive Series P7000 Stepper Drive Series PC800 Single Axis Servo Drive PIC900 Drive Series PLATINUM U Servomotor Series RBE Motor Series S200 Servo Drive Series S300 Servo Drive Series S400 Servo Drive Series S600 Servo Drive Series S700 Servo Drive Series SE2000 DC Motor Controller Series SL3000 AC Motor Drive Series SP Servostar Drive Series SR and SRF Permanent Magnet DC Motor Series SS2000 SLO-SYN Drive Series STF Washdown Motor SV3000 SECO AC Motor Drive Series Torquer Brushless Motor Series VLM Servo Motor Series