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DMA Module Series

DMA Module Series

The DMA Drive Series by Bosch Rexroth Indramat consists of three-phase drive modules and is a part of the Servodyn-D Series that includes servo motors, asynchronous motors, and other three-phase modules. They are designed to be installed into a switch cabinet that must at least be up to IP 54 Protection Standards. These drives hold the capabilities to operate motors including but not limited to the SF and SR Servo Motors, or the asynchronous motors type DU. DMA Drives work best if they are placed in a row, and they are not stacked inside the switch cabinet. These drives are reliable, compact and get installed vertically with their connection ports facing out.

DMA 004A 1101-D DMA 004A 1301-D DMA 004A 4101-D DMA 008A 1101-D DMA 008A 1301-D DMA 008A 4101-D DMA 015A 1101-D DMA 015A 1301-D DMA 015A 4101-D DMA 030A 1101-D DMA 030A 1301-D DMA 030A 3301-D DMA 030A 4101-D DMA 030A 4201-D DMA 030A 5111-D DMA 030A 5311-D DMA 030A 7101-D DMA 030A 7301-D DMA 030A 8001-D DMA 045A 1101-D DMA 045A 1301-D DMA 045A 3301-D DMA 045A 4101-D DMA 045A 4201-D DMA 045A 5111-D DMA 045A 5311-D DMA 045A 6111-D DMA 045A 6311-D DMA 045A 7101-D DMA 045A 7301-D DMA 045A 8001-D DMA 045A 9101-D DMA 04A 1101-D DMA 04A 1301-D DMA 04A 4101-D DMA 085B 1101-D DMA 085B 1301-D DMA 085B 3301-D DMA 085B 4101-D DMA 085B 4201-D DMA 085B 5111-D DMA 085B 5311-D DMA 085B 6111-D DMA 085B 6311-D DMA 085B 7101-D DMA 085B 7301-D DMA 085B 8001-D DMA 085B 9101-D DMA 085B 9301-D DMA 08A 1101-D DMA 08A 1301-D DMA 08A 4101-D DMA 140D 1101-D DMA 140D 1103-D DMA 140D 1201-D DMA 140D 1301-D DMA 140D 3301-D DMA 140D 4101-D DMA 140D 4201-D DMA 140D 5111-D DMA 140D 5311-D DMA 140D 6111-D DMA 140D 6311-D DMA 140D 7101-D DMA 140D 7301-D DMA 140D 8001-D DMA 140D 9101-D DMA 140D 9301-D DMA 15A 1101-D DMA 15A 1301-D DMA 15A 4101-D DMA 30A 1101-D DMA 30A 1201-D DMA 30A 1301-D DMA 30A 3301-D DMA 30A 4101-D DMA 30A 4201-D DMA 30A 5111-D DMA 30A 5311-D DMA 30A 6111-D DMA 30A 6311-D DMA 30A 7101-D DMA 30A 7301-D DMA 30A 8001-D DMA 45A 1101-D DMA 45A 1103-D DMA 45A 1201-D DMA 45A 1301-D DMA 45A 3301-D DMA 45A 4101-D DMA 45A 4201-D DMA 45A 5111-D DMA 45A 5311-D DMA 45A 6111-D DMA 45A 6311-D DMA 45A 7101-D DMA 45A 7301-D DMA 45A 8001-D DMA 45A 9101-D DMA 45A 9301-D DMA 85B 1101-D DMA 85B 1103-D DMA 85B 1201-D DMA 85B 1301-D DMA 85B 4101-D DMA 85B 4201-D DMA 85B 5111-D DMA 85B 5311-D DMA 85B 6111-D DMA 85B 6311-D DMA 85B 7101-D DMA 85B 7301-D DMA 85B 8001-D DMA 85B 9101-D DMA 85B 9301-D