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The service that I received was outstanding!

~ Gary Douglas Excellent Ontario, Canada

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SS2000 SLO-SYN Drive Series

SS2000 SLO-SYN Drive Series

The SS2000 SLO-SYN Drive Series was manufactured by Kollmorgen but has since been retired. These drives have adaptable features that allow these drives to meet all your motion needs. With adjustable high speed limits, low speed, and an adjustable acceleration as well as deceleration. These SLO-SYN drives are best compatible with Kollmorgen’s SLO-SYN 2000 stepper motor drives. These drives feature AC input voltage ranges of 115/230 VAC and a 2.5 amps AC current. Not only do the SLO-SYN drives have all these great features, but they also contain MCPI motion programming. The MCPI programming makes setting up the SS20000 SLO-SYN drive incredibly easy. With years of expertise in the automation field, be assured the Kollmorgen will accomplish your motion needs.