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I contacted Gregg one morning in desperate need of two servos to get our Filler ...

~ Paul Kovacs Excellent California, USA

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E Hybrid Stepper Motor Series

E Hybrid Stepper Motor Series

Backed with years of expertise in producing a wide variety of motors, Kollmorgen’s E hybrid motors are without a doubt, versatile and efficient products. E hybrid motors can be quickly altered to operate with various appliances within their scope of use in terms of windings and connectors. The E motor series features SIGMAX technology which provides them greater acceleration and torque rates. It is available in three NEMA round frame sizes, the NEMA size 34 and 42 contain class B insulation and are UL validated. Kollmorgen is known for providing the best inertia to speed ratio in the automation industry. Their extensive spectrum of stepper motors is packed with agile and specific positioning that can withstand remarkable holding torque. Regardless of your motor needs, Kollmorgen is packed with the best solutions for your motor needs.