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PIC900 Drive Series

PIC900 Drive Series

The PIC900 Drive Series is a retired series by Kollmorgen and serviced by Giddings and Lewis. These drives offer a wide range of CSM/CPU modules that will help you achieve variou automation needs. The PIC900 CPU features a central processing unit and abundant memory while the CSM will dictate to the software and hardware what to do. In contrast to other drives, the PIC900 provides both the CPU and CSM modules in one. Not only does it pair these two modules together, but it offers the ability for peer-to-peer communication amongst other PIC900’S. Aside from that, the PIC900 also features various I/O Modules leaving the doors completely open to accomplish any automation needs. Backed by years of expertise and experience, Kollmorgen’s PIC900 Drives are sure to accomplish your motion needs.