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Gregg was awesome and very helpful! Great Job!

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P6000 Stepper Drive Series

P6000 Stepper Drive Series

The P6000 Stepper Drive-Controller series is manufactured by Kollmorgen. This stepper drive is a part of Kollmorgens powerful AC micro-stepping drives. This drive is best paired with POWERPAC and POWERMAX stepper motors. The P6000 offers an extension in motor performance, while omitting all the complicated factors that come with such technology. Such reliability is best reflected upon their dip switch that allows for the perfect selection matches to the Kollmorgen stepper motor requirements, enabling perfect and efficient performance for your applications. Paired with Kollmorgens unique stepper motors, there is no motion endeavors unachievable with these pairings. Regardless of your drive and motors needs, Kollmorgen’s years of expertise is certain to be the motion platform you need.