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6410 Series

6410 Series

This is the 6410 series of drives manufactured by Pacific Scientific. These drives convert step and direction into motor winding currents to control a two-phase stepper motor. These drives have a rated output current which is DIP selectable, ranging from a high of 5Amps to a low of 0.625Amps. These drives are capable of supplying regulated phase currents for supply voltages as low as 24VDC and up to 75VDC. Features of the 6410 drive series include mid-band instability compensation fluid operation and high resolutions in both mid-band and lesser speed resonance regions along with microstepping capabilities.The 6410 drive series is an award winning series created by Pacific Scientific. These drives have bipolar chop, digital electronic damping, short circuit protection, MOSFET power devices, and optically isolated signal interface connection. Contact us for a quote by calling or clicking the FAST QUOTE box.