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I contacted Gregg one morning in desperate need of two servos to get our Filler ...

~ Paul Kovacs Excellent California, USA

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105 Motion Control Card Series

105 Motion Control Card Series

The 105 Motion Control Card Series is used for powering and controlling stepper and servo motor component boards and cards. Examples of these are PC personality modules, motor control boards, I/O emulation boards, PC boards, PC CNC control, and drive CNC control. Still, other optional plug-ins include an I/O interface adapter board, an indexer/driver board, an emulator board, a SERCOS interface option card, an option memory card, and a programmable option card. They are durable, adaptable, and easy to install. The 105 series offers the highest rated performance and control capability for stepper and servo motor performance for both analog and digital in a wide range of industrial applications.