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SC720 Series

SC720 Series

The SC720 Series is made up of Digital Position Command Controllers. They are independent stand-alone 4-quadrant controllers, designed specifically for single and multi-axis use in harsh industrial environments. They have a continuous current of 3.8A to 60A with a 7.5A to 120A peak. This series has analog control, an integral power supply, a high-frequency PWM current control, UL recognition, 5 power levels, 7-segment controller status display, and single frameless resolver for reliable feedback. The SC720 series has removable personality modules for all motor application drive settings and parameters. Paired with IGBT technology for high bandwidth 20 kHz PWM efficient control and transformerless 240/120 Vac line operation, these drive are often considered to be among the most well outfitted position controllers on the market. All SC720 drives have an IGBT PWM output stage and output short circuit over temperature protection.