SC750 Servo Drives

The SC750 Series of drives manufactured by Pacific Scientific are single axis servo controllers capable of providing torque, position, and velocity digital readings for brushless servo motors. The peak power for drives within this series ranges from 2,200Watts, found within the SC752s, to 36,000Watts, found within the SC756s. All drives within the SC750 series are equal in function but vary depending on the required output for the automation environment. When using PacSci motors, these drives are capable of providing continuous torque ranges from 5.4 pounds per inch to 451 pounds per inch. Features of the SC750 Drive Series includes ServoBASIC Plus programming language, resolver control, a stand-alone design, signature integral communication, encoder emulation output, and an interactive motion dialogue programming environment. Here at Wake Industrial we can fulfill all of your questions and need concerning the SC750 Pacific Scientific Drive Series. Give us a call or click the FAST QUOTE box found above.