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CP26xx Panel PC Series

CP26xx Panel PC Series

Beckhoff’s CP26xx series of compact built-in Panel PCs features dual-touch capabilities in a modern, elegant, and advanced design. CP26xx PCs are designed to be installed in the front of control cabinets, and come in a variety of display sizes for every industrial application. The devices include integrated 3.5 inch motherboards which enable CP26xx PCs to be used alongside TwinCAT automation software under Windows Embedded Compact 7. The PCs are equipped with an ARM Cortex-A8 processor and a 24V power supply unit. CP26xx PCs come with independent Ethernet and EtherCAT interfaces which allow them to act as a compact central processing unit for an EtherCAT control system. Even at their basic configuration, these feature-laden PCs are high-performance devices for machine construction and plant engineering applications.