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CP22xx-0020 Panel PC Series

CP22xx-0020 Panel PC Series

Designed for control cabinet installation, Beckhoff’s CP22xx-0020 Panel PC Series is characterized by its modern features, reliable Industrial PC technology, and multi-touch display capabilities. Its advanced device design features aluminum housing with glass front, and easy accessibility to all components. CP22xx-0010 Panel PCs are equipped with highly integrated 3 ½ inch motherboards and Intel® Celeron® or Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors. The CP22xx-0020 Series offers a variety of display sizes, and serves as a high-performance option for construction and engineering applications. These devices can be used with TwinCAT automation software under Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. With their two independent Ethernet interfaces, CP22xx-0020 devices can serve as a compact CPU for an EtherCAT control system.