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CX5020 Embedded PC Series

CX5020 Embedded PC Series

The CX5020 Embedded PC series is a part of the CX5000 family of DIN rail-mountable, fanless embedded PCs. CX5020 PCs are equipped with a single core 1.6 GHz Intel AtomĀ® Z530 processor which features hyperthreading technology. Depending on what TwinCAT runtime is installed in each individual PC environment (TwinCAT 2 runtime and TwinCAT 3 runtime (XAR) are available in this series), the device can be used for implementing PLC/Motion Control projects with or without visualization. CX5020 series PCs can withstand application in climatically demanding environments. The magnesium construction of these devices serves to minimize weight and space, and provides better screening and ESD protection.