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CX8100 Embedded PC Series

CX8100 Embedded PC Series

The CX8100 series of Embedded PCs manufactured by Beckhoff is an advanced series featuring devices with fast CPUs, programmability with TwinCAT 3 and an expanded main memory. Four PCs are available in this series, and each offers a unique configuration for different industrial applications. The protocols featured in this series include EtherCAT (slave), serial communication, Ethernet, and BACnet. CX8100 devices can be used as decentralized controllers. Automatic recognition facilitates the use of K-bus or E-bus connections. The Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system is utilized in CX8100 devices. CX8100 embedded PCs feature an integrated 1-second UPS which provides energy in case of supply voltage failure. The devices also feature a 32-bit ARM Cortex-A9, 800 MHz processor. CX8100 PCs serve as efficient, high-performance controllers.