Standard Retrofit Kits for Indramat RAC

19 December, 2023 | Indramat, RAC, Retrofit, Kit, Standard, Motor

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The automation industry relies on Indramat RAC systems for reliability and efficiency. Modern industry requires retrofitting these systems for improved performance and lifespan. This process revitalizes aging equipment, making it more adaptable to technological demands. Simple yet effective, retrofitting is a smart choice for maintaining industry standards.

Understanding Indramat RAC Systems:

Indramat RAC systems stand out for their ability to support high-precision C-axis operations and offer an advanced automatic position control loop. They feature high-resolution feedback mechanisms, essential for low-speed operations, and can pinpoint the motor rotor's position with extreme accuracy, up to 1/400,000 of a revolution. This precision is vital for numerically controlled machine tools, where exact positioning and movement are crucial.

Two main types of motors are compatible with RAC drives: the 1MB Frameless Spindle Motors and the 2AD Asynchronous Main Spindle Motors. The continuous power output of these motors varies depending on the specific RAC drive series, with RAC 2, RAC 3, and RAC 4 drives each offering different power ranges at the motor's shaft.

The Need for Retrofitting:

  • Challenges with Aging Systems:

Older Indramat RAC systems may face reduced efficiency and reliability, leading to more frequent maintenance needs.

  • Signs Indicating Retrofit Need:

Consistent performance problems and outdated technological components in current systems are critical indicators for retrofitting.

Benefits of Retrofitting:

Retrofitting enhances system performance at a lower cost and downtime than complete replacements, aligning older systems with current industrial standards.

Exploring Standard Retrofit Kits:

  • Components of a Standard Retrofit Kit:

Standard retrofit kits for Indramat RAC systems typically include updated control modules, software enhancements, and necessary hardware.

  • Compatibility with Different Models:

These kits are designed to be compatible with a wide range of Indramat RAC models, such as RAC 2.2-150-380-A00-Z1 and RAC 2.2-150-380-A0I-W1, ensuring a seamless upgrade process.

  • Enhancements and Upgrades Included:

Retrofit kits provide significant upgrades, such as improved processing speed, interface options, and system efficiency.

Step-by-Step Guide to Retrofitting:

  1. Step 1: Preliminary Assessments and Preparations

Initially, evaluate the current system to identify specific needs and plan for the retrofit.

  1. Step 2: Selection of Retrofit Kit

Choose the appropriate retrofit kit that matches the model and requirements of your system.

  1. Step 3: Installation of New Components

Carefully replace old components with the new ones provided in the kit, following manufacturer guidelines.

  1. Step 4: Software Upgrades

Update or install new software essential for the operation of the new components.

  1. Step 5: System Integration

Ensure all components are properly integrated, and the system is configured correctly.

  1. Step 6: Testing and Validation

Post-retrofit, thoroughly test the system to ensure optimal performance and validate enhancements.

  1. Step 7: Final Review and Documentation

Conduct a final review of the retrofit and document any changes or improvements.

Wake Industrial: Your Partner in Retrofitting

We provide comprehensive support for Indramat products, including RAC retrofits and servo motor repair. If you're based in North America and need dependable retrofits for your Rexroth RAC Indramat products, Wake Industrial is your go-to solution. With our profound knowledge of Indramat systems, we are dedicated to helping you maintain and upgrade your system efficiently. Contact us today for standard retrofit kits for Indramat RAC.

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