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Servo Drives

Servo Drives

Okuma servo drives can be found in hundreds of industries which fuel the world economy. They have the ability to control single or multiple axes. They consist of a power board, an option or control board, and a base drive unit. Typically, an encoder signal is sent from the motor to the drive, which relays the message to a processor/control board. The control board then processes the signal, makes a decision, and sends a new signal to the drive. The drive then implements the command that the signal carried onward to the motor it is attached or to whatever its axes are connected.               

BDU Series Brushless Servo Drives BDU-15A BDU-30A BDU-30D BDU-50A BDU-72A BDU-75A BL-D100A BL-D150A BL-D15A BL-D30A BL-D50A BL-D50D BL-D75A BL-Dll-50A BL-MC100E-30S BL3-D BL3-D100A BL3-D150A BL3-D15A BL3-D30A BL3-D50A BL3-D75A BL4-D100A BL4-D150A BL4-D1515A BL4-D15A BL4-D3015A BL4-D3030A BL4-D5030A BL4-D5050A BL4-D7550A BL4-D7575A BLII-D100A BLII-D150A BLII-D15A BLII-D200A BLII-D30-30A BLII-D30A BLII-D50-30A BLII-D50-50A BLII-D50A BLII-D75-30A BLII-D75-50A BLII-D75-75A BLII-D75A BLIII-50A BLIII-D BLIII-D100A BLIII-D150A BLIII-D15A BLIII-D30A BLIII-D75A BLIV-D100A BLIV-D150A BLIV-D1515A BLIV-D15A BLIV-D3015A BLIV-D3030A BLIV-D5030A BLIV-D5050A BLIV-D7550A BLIV-D7575A BLll-D-100A D11-A D22 D22-A D6 D6-A D8 E0451-521-037 E0451-521-038 E0451-521-051 E0451-596-002 E0451-596-003 E0451-596-006 E4809-045-084-G MIV01-1-B1 MIV01-1-B5 MIV0101-1-B1 MIV0102-1-B1 MIV0102-1-B5 MIV0103-1-B1 MIV0103-1-B5 MIV0104-1-B1 MIV0104-1-B2 MIV0104A-1-B5 MIV02-1-B1 MIV0202-1-B1 MIV0203-1-B1 MIV0203-1-B5 MIV0204-1-B1 MIV0204-1-B5 MIV03-1-B1 MIV03-1-P MIV0303-1-B1 MIV04-1-B1 MIV0404-1-B1 MIV0404-1-B3 MIV0404-1-B5 MIV0404A-1-B5 MIV04A-1 MIV0505A-1-B1 MIV06-1-B1 MIV06DB-1-B1 MIV08-1-B1 MIV08-3-V5 MIV08A-1-B5 MIV15-3-V1 MIV15-3-V5 MIV22-3-V1 MIV22-3-V3 MIV30-3-V5 MIV45-3-V3 VAC A D11-A VAC A D22-A VAC D11-A VAC D22-A VAC D8-A VAC-III VAC2 D22 VAC2 D22-A VAC2 D6 VAC2 D8 VAC2 D8-A VAC3 D8 VAC3 D8-A VACII D11 VACII D11-A VACII D22 VACII D22-A VACII D6 VACII D8 VACII D8A VACIII D11 VACIII D6 VACIII D6-A VACIII D8 VACIII D8-A