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KDA Series

KDA servo drives are designed to operate as main spindle drives. These high-quality drives encompass a modular structure. They are characterized by high positioning features, stiffness, and a wide speed range with continuous power. The servo drives are used in a drive system to digitally control the manufacturer’s 1MB frameless spindle motors and 2AD synchronous motors with a continuous output of 3kW to 22kW at their shafts.


The KDA range of servo drives uses a microcomputer to execute the drive control, diagnostics and monitoring functions by measuring the position of the rotor with high resolution over the complete speed range. The Indramat servo drives are parameterized by an integrated internal input and display unit for adaptation to different operating modes, motors and conditions at the machine. They can be optionally fitted with a SERCOS interface, a +/-10V speed command value interface and a digital parallel speed and position command value interface to perform additional functions. Their parameters and operating software are stored in an AS3 programming module. Call or email us to receive timely help when your industrial manufacturing requires it the most.


  • KDA servo drives can be adapted to a specific task of a CNC machine tool if needed because of their modular structure and the modularity of the main spindle and feed control and supply modules.
  • The Indramat servo drives offer high-quality spindle positioning and C-axis operation in numerically controlled machine tools by offering speed control over a wide range from 0.0005rpm to maximum speeds.
  • KDA servo drives are also used to deliver high internal position control through high-resolution spindle feedback or motor feedback apart from speed control.
  • These servo drives must be installed such that they are kept protected against the penetration of water and objects with a diameter higher than 50mm and direct penetration.
  • KDA servo drives have air vents on their housing through which heat is emitted or dissipated outside their control enclosures.


Some versions of Indramat KDA servo drives have a heatsink mounted on the back panels of their enclosures in air ducts. This causes the heat to be conducted only on the exteriors of the back panel and eliminates the need for incorporating a cooling unit. The drives can function without restriction at a temperature between 5°C and 45°C and a maximum installation elevation of 1,000m. Their output reduces when the operating temperature and installation altitude exceed these limits.

KDA servo drives should be operated only inside a control cabinet because of their IP 10 degree of protection. These Indramat servo drives have Class F humidity as per DIN 40 040 that allows them to be used in extremely humid locations like workshops in dry-warm, moderate and cold climates. However, the average relative humidity in a year must not be more than 70% and the drives must be kept free of condensation.


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