Getting to Know Your Indramat Ecodrive

15 December, 2023 | Indramat, Rexroth, EcoDrive, Understanding

Image of Indramat DKC EcoDrive

The Indramat Ecodrive is a key player in the automation world. It offers precise control in various industries, making complex tasks simpler and more efficient. This system is not just about moving parts but advancing how we work with machines. Its impact is significant, shaping the future of automation.

Indramat Ecodrive Basics:

The Indramat Ecodrive is all about smart motion control in the automation sector. It's a compact system designed to make machines work smoothly and efficiently. This drive isn't just small; it's mighty, easily handling tasks in different settings. Whether in a factory or a packaging line, this Indramat automation drive adapts, proving that great things come in small packages.

Specific Models of DKC EcoDrive and Their Specifications:

  1. DKC05.3-200-7-FW Model:

The DKC05.3-200-7-FW is all about high performance. It's designed to handle both translatory and rotative operations with ease. Operating at a robust 700 volts, this model includes nifty features like software travel limit switches and integrated position control. It's the choice for demanding tasks where precision matters.

  1. DKC01-040-7-FW Model:

Versatility meets efficiency in the DKC02.1-040-7-FW. This model perfectly matches the MKD Servomotor series, making it a go-to for varied applications. It's versatile and cost-efficient, with a 40 A current capacity and compatibility with a three-phase AC supply.

  1. DKC03-016-7-FW Model:

The DKC03.3-016-7-FW stands out for its industrial-grade efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It operates smoothly within a specific temperature range, meeting the rigorous demands of industrial settings. Its specific wiring requirements ensure reliable and consistent performance.

  1. DKC11.1-040-7-FW Model:

Precision is the hallmark of the DKC11.1-040-7-FW. This high-precision servo-drive features an analog speed interface and supports up to 40 A currents. Its AC mains connection underscores its robustness, making it ideal for applications demanding exact precision.

Ecodrive Types Overview

  • Ecodrive Type 1:

Ecodrive Type 1, offering models like DKC01.1, DKC11.1, DKC02.1, and DKC03.1, brought economic solutions to various industrial motion control applications. These drives, characterized by a single power range (40 amps) and two voltages, were an alternative to DKS servo drives. The .1 in their model names indicates their belonging to the Type 1 family.

  • Ecodrive Type 3:

Building upon the success of Type 1, Ecodrive Type 3 models like DKCxx.3 brought in external modules instead of internal firmware. This feature allows for swift and easy swapping of firmware and parameters. The Type 3 family, with its power ranges of 40, 100, and 200 amps, emphasizes versatility and ease of maintenance.

Each model showcases the innovation and adaptability inherent in the Ecodrive series, affirming its status as a reliable and versatile choice in industrial automation.

Each model showcases the innovation and adaptability inherent in the Ecodrive series, affirming its status as a reliable and versatile choice in industrial automation.

Wake Industrial’s Role in Ecodrive Services:

Wake Industrial plays a pivotal role in supporting the Ecodrive system. Our services encompass everything from selling new units to expert repairs and buying surplus Ecodrive units. Whether you're looking for a brand-new Ecodrive unit or need to breathe new life into an existing one, our team is well-equipped to assist. Contact us at 1-919-443-0207 or get a quick quote from our team.

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