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EEA-PAM-5**-B-32 Series

EEA-PAM-5**-B-32 Series

Eaton Vickers has produced a series of power amplifiers cards unlike any other. The EEA-PAM-5**-B-32 series has full command logic, 2 ramps, and a four input demand signal module. It is capable of quadrant detection so that any adjustment to acceleration or deceleration is noticed by the user. This series of amplifier cards has everything great and beneficial that the A-32 series has including 4 adjustable values for a 24V command signal. Another great feature is the 24V logic signal allowing for quick a 10V polarity reference reading. The entire front panel of all B-32 cards uses bright and clear LED light signals, ensuring the user never misses a measurement, reading, or error warning.