Automation Robot Safety Measures in the Workplace

9 July, 2021

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Today’s workplaces look very different than they did even ten years ago. A large part of that is due to the fact that robots now play a significant role across a variety of industries. From logistics to widescale production, robots not only make operations more efficient, they also make workplaces safer. 

In fact, that is one of the biggest reasons why industrial companies choose to add robots to their workplace. Robots help protect employees in a variety of ways, from taking care of the most dangerous tasks to identifying problems before humans can spot them. 

Let’s take a look at how robots make the workplace safer and why it is extremely important for companies to stay up to date. We'll also take a look at how companies such as Wake Industrial can assist repairs and aid in workplace safety.


Taking the Hard Road

It's no secret that industrial workplaces aren’t safe places. Despite the best efforts of managers and safety officers, the nature of industrial operations creates plenty of risks for human workers. 

Fortunately, robots are able to step in and do some of the more dangerous tasks in place of humans. For instance, a robot might be able to perform a weld in a tight space with moving parts that would otherwise put an employee at risk. 

Obviously, this directly decreases the danger that employees face during their shift. After all, if a robot gets damaged, it can always be replaced. The same can’t be said for human employees. 

Finding Problems

In many situations, finding problems in the industrial setting can stop accidents from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, such issues tend to arise in areas that are either hard to reach or dangerous to be in. 

This means that problems can go undetected since employers don’t want to put their workers at risk to spot them.

That isn’t the case for robots. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, robots can be used to find problems before they become serious safety problems. 


Decreasing Errors

Another major cause of accidents and injuries in the workplace is errors committed by human employees. During the course of a long, grueling shift, employees may make mistakes that put themselves and their co-workers at risk. 

By contrast, robots don’t get tired. They are also much more precise than human workers. Ultimately, this means that robots are far less likely to commit errors that lead to dangerous situations. This is another big advantage to using robots, especially in settings that consist of repetitive tasks. 

Why Industrial Robot Safety Matters

Employers in every sector are constantly looking for ways to keep their employees safe. Whether that is a new training module, improved gear, or adjustments to the workplace itself, these safety measures are a top priority. 

As discussed, robots are a valuable way to make a workplace safer—and in a variety of ways. This makes robots an important asset within the industrial manufacturing world. 

They are a low-cost, low-risk way to increase workplace safety and keep human employees out of harm’s way. 

Importance of Routine Robot Maintenance

Despite the many advantages of using robots in the workplace, they aren’t flawless. Just like any machine, robots need to be maintained in order to function at their highest level. 

If they aren’t maintained, they could end up creating more problems. For instance, a robot that looks for leaks in a gas line could start to miss real problems or report problems that don’t exist. A welding robot could make errors that ruin entire parts and lead to costly backups. 

Fortunately, most of these issues can be prevented by properly maintaining the robots in use. By doing so, industrial manufacturing companies can reap the many safety benefits of using robots in the workplace. 

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