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M Series POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor features NEMA Mounting and a Size of NEMA 23.

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The M22NSXA-LDN-NS-02 is one of the step motors manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This is a part of the M series range of motors designed by the company. This model features a POWERMAX II technology, which is one of the patented technologies of the company. POWERMAX II is one of the high-performance specification standards. This step motor has around 253 oz-in of holding torque, which is the highest in the industry. The company is known for its expertise in the area of brushless servo motors and drives as well as adjustable speed motors and drives.

The motor has a Sigmax hybrid construction. In normal motors, there will be some leakage of magnetic flux. The Sigmax technology ensures that there is no leakage of any flux. The step motor comes with insulation against high-temperature ranges. The stator in the motor is encapsulated with a special type of polymer. This ensures that there is an exceptional amount of thermal dissipation. The bearings fitted to this motor are bigger than normal ones. The bearings are about 30 mm in size and this helps reduce the downtime. The bearing fatigue life is increased significantly when compared to regular step motors.

The step motor is fitted with a high-performance gearhead. The torque range of the output is increased in a step by step manner and is considered to be very reliable. The motor has Neodymium-iron-boron

rotor magnets. These are rare earth magnets and are used in the construction of the stator teeth. The technology allows the user to customize the torque output as well as the acceleration for the particular application. There are a lot of drive shaft extensions and add ons as well as encoder shafts available for this model. The details about how to connect these add ons are given in the description manual.

Type: Enhanced
Size: NEMA 23
Number of Stacks: 2 Stacks
Mounting: NEMA
Construction: Special
Termination: Receptacle
Winding Type: per assigned letter
Rotor Type: Standard
Shaft Configuration & Shaft Modification: Double/Smooth
Encoder Option/Sequence Number: No Feedback/Factory Assigned