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M Series POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor features NEMA Mounting and a Size of NEMA 23.

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The M21NSXA-LNF-NS-02 designation represents a stepper motor configuration from Pacific Scientific that bears the capacity to resolve a spectrum of automation industry challenges, setting new standards for performance to weight and cost ratios as it does. Every motor of the M21NSXA-LNF-NS-02 arrangement is equipped with a heavy-duty smooth shaft, easily enough to handle the 142 ounce inches of force the M21NSXA-LNF-NS-02 produces while also guaranteeing high performance at high RPM.

This shaft is flattened on its single end in order to interface more readily with the equipment it is intended to drive. A single stack rotor, receiving signals from an all-purpose A-type winding, drives the M21NSXA-LNF-NS-02’s motor shaft. Even in harsh conditions, one can expect the M21NSXA-LNF-NS-02 to perform commendably: axial or radial loads beneath 13 and 20 pounds, respectively, are no issue for this stepper motor, nor are temperatures above -20 and below 40 degrees Celsius.

In the M21NSXA-LNF-NS-02 configuration, M-series POWERPAC II motors generate a holding torque value that is equivalent to one Newton-metre. This puts them at the very top of their NEMA 23 frame classification for torque output, yet the engineers at Pacific Scientific have also managed to cram in a litany of other supportive features. An oversized bearing dramatically reduces the overall rate of wear in the system: at 30 millimeters, the bearings used exceed the performing life of the 22 millimeter variety common to other NEMA 23 competitors by a multiplicative factor of 4. The patented motor enhancement applied to the M21NSXA-LNF-NS-02, known as Sigmax, helps not only to increase the torque to its high rated value, but also to reduce power leakage, thus reducing applicable costs and improving operational efficiency.


Type: Enhanced
Size: NEMA 23
Number of Stacks: 1 Stack
Mounting: NEMA
Construction: Special
Termination: Receptacle
Winding Type: per assigned letter
Rotor Type: Standard
Shaft Configuration & Shaft Modification: Single/Flat
Encoder Option/Sequence Number: No Feedback/Factory Assigned