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The S77201-NA is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of their S700 Servo Drive Series. These drives feature a Rated line power for S1 operation of 50 kVA and a Peak output current of 140 A RMS. Alongside of a Voltage rating of 208-480 V and a Maximum DC bus link voltage of 900 V.

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Product Description

Kollmorgen’s automation products are designed by some of the best engineers and professionals in the world. The company’s motion control products are rated among the top products in the market.

The S77201-NA is an advanced motion control platform that comes with a host of innovative features. It is a servo amplifier that is used with many platforms, including DC motors, servo motors, and asynchronous motors. The amplifier is frequently used in the automotive, printing, packaging, textile, metal machining, and woodworking industries. Because of good quality construction, the S77201-NA can be used in a variety of industrial environments that have varying ambient conditions. There is a wide temperature range in which the device can be operated. Ideally, the device should be used in a 0 ᵒC t0 40 ᵒC temperature range. Humidity conditions with up to 85% relative humidity are suitable for the S77201-NA. The device is meant to last long, and multiple integrated safety features make this device a reliable system to use.

The S77201-NA has an Emergency Stop Switch to avoid fatal accidents. It also comes with shock hazard protection. There is also a Safe Torque Off (STO) provision that protects the motor from receiving excess torque. The amplifier's useful features include dynamic braking that enables the system to brake a motor instantly and dissipate its K.E as heat. The device is resistant to harmful vibrations, and its vibration resistance levels conform to the IEC standards. The amplifier's operation is completely environment friendly, and it complies with the pollution level 2 in accordance with the IEC standards. The system has to be mounted in a vertical direction, and its compact dimensions make it possible to easily fit in a control cabinet.

  • S-77201-NA
  • S-77201NA

S77201-NA Technical Specifications

Maximum DC bus link voltage: 900 V
Peak output current: 140 A RMS
Rated line power for S1 operation: 50 kVA
Rated output current at 3x208 V: 72 A RMS
Thermal dissipation at rated current : 330 W
Thermal dissipation, Output stage disabled: Max. 25 W
Voltage rating: 208-480 V
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