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The S71202-NANANA is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of their S700 Servo Drive Series. These drives feature a Rated line power for S1 operation of 9 kVA and a Peak output current of 24 A RMS. Alongside of a Voltage rating of 208-480 V and a Maximum DC bus link voltage of 900 V.

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Product Description

Kollmorgen sells advanced control equipment for automation. The company has many different products such as AGV technology, servo motors, electric drives and linear actuators. The S71202-NANANA is included in the S700 series of servoamplifiers. This device works on a triphase 208 to 480 V AC power supply (at 50/60 Hz). This drive model may be controlled via its integrated CANopen or EtherCAT integrated interface or using its pulse/direction port for electronic master/slave mode.

The device can generate a nominal current of 12 A and can sustain a limit current of 24000 milliampere for a time below 5 seconds. The whole parameter setup of the S71202-NANANA should be carried out with setup software installed on any ordinary Personal Computer. The S71202-NANANA has an integrated RS-232 interface which attaches to the computer. The system supports a plenty of feedbacks like sine EnDat 2.1 or 2.2 encoders, encoders with Hall sensor, incremental encoders and SinCos HIPERFACE encoders using its integrated socket.

The servoamplifier offers a base single-channel safety Safe-Torque-Off (STO) feature that allows the drive to obtain the following certifications: PL d and SIL CL 2 (according to IEC 62061). The drive offers a collection of embedded I/Os connectors, such as 4 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs and 2 digital I/Os (they work both as inputs and outputs), that may be used in order to fit the customer's necessities. The ambient temperature around the S71202-NANANA should be in the following range: 0… 45 degrees Celsius while the equipment is in working conditions and shall remain in the range from -25 to 55 degrees Celsius while the system is in a storage.

  • S-71202-NANANA
  • S-71202NANANA

S71202-NANANA Technical Specifications

Maximum DC bus link voltage: 900 V
Weight: 4.4 kg
Interface Options: CANopen and EtherCAT
Serial Interface: RS 232
Safety Option: Safe Torque Off onboard
Slots: 3 Exapansion Card Slots, 1 Memory Card Slot
Compatible Motors: Synchronous motors, DC motors, asynchronous motors, linear motors.
Large supply voltage range: 1 x 110V-10% … 3 x 480V+ 10%
Analog Inputs: 2 programmable analog inputs
Digital Inputs: 4 programmable digital inputs

Frequently Asked Questions about S71202-NANANA

Q: Which programming language is supported by the S71202-NANANA?

A: The S71202-NANANA supports the IEC 61131 macro programming language that makes it suitable for specific drive control applications.

Q: Does the S71202-NANANA have inbuilt safety options?

A: The S71202-NANANA comes with multiple inbuilt safety features including safe stop (SS2), safety limit speed (SLS), and safe torque off (STO).

Q: How can the parametr setup be done for the S71202-NANANA?

A: When using the S71202-NANANA, the parameter setup is done through a setup software installed on a standard PC. This simplifies the entire operation and configuration process.

Q: What feedback options are avaialble with the S71202-NANANA?

A: The S71202-NANANA is equipped with a variety of feedback options including the EnDAT 2.1 and SinCos Hiperface encoders.

Q: Which connector options are avilable with the S71202-NANANA?

A: The S71202-NANANA comes with multiple embedded I/O connectors, digital inputs, and digital outputs for more flexibility and adaptability.

Internal Product Review

  • ‘‘The S71202-NANANA is useful because of its compatibility with various power supplies (208V to 480 V AC). Because of various communication interfaces (specially CANopen and EtherCAT), the system can be easily integrated with other platforms.’’

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