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The S70302-NANANA-NA is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of their S700 Servo Drive Series. These drives feature a Rated line power for S1 operation of 2.2 kVA and a Peak output current of 9 A RMS. Alongside of a Voltage rating of 208-480 V and a Maximum DC bus link voltage of 900 V.

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Product Description

The S70302-NANANA-NA is a digital servo amplifier from Kollmorgen with STO dual channel. The S700 series servo amplifier must be handled with care to avoid human injury and damage to property. Incorrect handling may also damage the electrostatically sensitive components in the device. This product should always be placed on a conductive surface. The unit has a current rating of 3Arms and a voltage rating of 208 to 480V. It is capable of producing high electric voltages to a maximum of 900V. The servo amplifier must never be modified without permission from the manufacturer. This device should be put to use only for driving the wide range of brushless synchronous servomotors, DC motors and asynchronous motors from Kollmorgen with position, torque or speed control.

The two-channel STO function helps in the servo amplifier effectively blocking the trigger pulses produced by the power transistors. The amplifier meets the low voltage requirements in accordance with TP TC 020/2011 specifications and the EMC requirements based on 004/2011 specifications in the European Union. This device can cause high-frequency interferences when it is used in non-industrial environments. It meets the category C3 requirements for noise emission and has a minimum motor cable length of 10m. This product is CE Certified and UL Listed. The unit comes with standard electrical/mechanical options.

The servo amplifier is equipped with three frontside slots to accommodate expansion cards and a memory card slot. The product features overvoltage category III in accordance with IEC 61800-5-1 specifications. The power section encompasses an IGBT module that supports floating current measurements at the output stage. This device supports overvoltage detection, soft-start, phase-failure monitoring and short-circuit protection. The control cabinet in which the unit is installed must have a temperature below 40°C. The S70302-NANANA-NA is available with a one-year warranty period and can be delivered to any address worldwide through our trustworthy global delivery network.       

  • S-70302-NANANA-NA
  • S-70302NANANANA

S70302-NANANA-NA Technical Specifications

Maximum DC bus link voltage: 900 V
Peak output current: 9 A RMS
Rated line power for S1 operation: 2.2 kVA
Rated output current at 3x208 V: 5 A RMS
Thermal dissipation at rated current : 70 W
Thermal dissipation, Output stage disabled: Max. 20 W
Voltage rating: 208-480 V
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