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The H43HCFB-LNK-NS-00 is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of their H Hybrid Stepper Motor series. The H43HCFB-LNK-NS-00 features a mounting configuration and 200 full steps per revolution. The H43HCFB-LNK-NS-00 also holds a '100 Megohms insulation resistance and a 43 NEMA frame size.

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Product Description

Motion and logic control operations sometimes have to rely on stepper motors for better accuracy and control. Taking it the speed, accuracy and performance to the next level, hybrid stepper motors have been introduced by Kollmorgen, and they have been quite successful. So far, Kollmorgen has introduced 5 popular series of hybrid motors, of which Conventional Hybrid Series has gained a lot of recognition because of the versatility in terms of flexible frame sizes, winding, and the types of connection they offer. This is the reason why the H Series by Kollmorgen features a broad range of hybrid step motors all tailored to meet specific requirements of their clients.

The part number H43HCFB-LNK-NS-00 belongs to the conventional hybrid series by Kollmorgen. The hybrid step motor features a round frame with 4.28-inch size, as well as NEMA mounting construction. The step motor comprises of 2 phases each with maximum current rating of 12.2 amps. The step motor construction comprises of 3 laminated rotor stacks, which is ideal for F- designation. The F-designation is a versatile connection which indicates that the hybrid step motor has 8 leads. There are different possibilities of connection style, like 4-lead bipolar parallel, 4-lead bipolar series, and 6-lead unipolar formation. Apart from meeting the UL standards: Class B insulation, the H43HCFB-LNK-NS-00 hybrid step motor meets additional standards when it comes to the winding type. The winding offers thermal resistance of 0.9 degree Celsius per watt.  

The 2-phase H43HCFB-LNK-NS-00 hybrid step motor offers a wide torque range, between 11.26 N-m and 15.93 N-m while rotor inertia is found to be 0.2400 oz-in-s2. The hybrid step motor model weighs 11.66 kilograms. Finally, the hybrid motor comes with a one-year warranty.

  • H43HCFB LNK NS 00

H43HCFB-LNK-NS-00 Technical Specifications

Full Steps per Revolution: 200
Insulation Resistance: '100 Megohms
L. Max: 268.23 mm
Mounting Configuration: Round
NEMA Frame Size: 43
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