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MTS-P02.2-D2-B1-P1-NN-NN-FW Servo Control Module is manufactured by Rexroth Indramat Bosch. This module is With Coprocessor mode and has a INTERBUS-S Master Module configuration. This Servo Control Module is part of the 2 series of MTS.

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Product Description

The MTS-P02.2-D2-B1-P1-NN-NN-FW is a line 02 and design type 02 PLC module from Bosch Rexroth Indramat. The memory capacity of this unit is 2 MB. According to EN 55022, this unit belongs to the class of equipment suitable for use only in industrial environments – Class A.

The MTS-P02.2-D2-B1-P1-NN-NN-FW features an INTERBUS-S and a PROFIBUS-DP master connection interfaces. This equipment connects to simple actuators, sensors and other intelligent units via the INTERBUS-S master circuit. The INTERBUS protocol features support for CMD G4, up to 256 BUS segments, 16 subscriber levels, 4096 I/O per configuration and 32 loop subscribers/BUS segment. The integrated I/O configurator of the MTS-P02.2-D2-B1-P1-NN-NN-FW aids its parameterization and configuration into the PLC programming phase. The PROFIBUS-DP master module is also available in the format of PC104 modules, and it facilitates the transfer of protocols between decentral I/O units and the PLC. One BUS segment of this master circuit can take up to 32 subscribers.

Generally, MTS-P products are designed for use with industrial PCs or BTV20/30. It is useful for operations in the fields of mounting and handling, machining, packaging, printing presses and paper processing. This equipment is not intended for underwater applications or extreme temperature scenarios. The operating humidity of the MTS-P02.2-D2-B1-P1-NN-NN-FW is 75 %, while the humidity during the transportation is 95 % - both at non-condensing conditions. In addition, this unit falls under humidity class F, according to the indications of DIN 40 040. The nominal value of its supply voltage is +5 Volts, and it has a peak voltage of 12V. Also, the permissible ripple current has a nominal value of 50 mV and a peak value of 120 mV. This unit can be shipped globally with a one-year warranty period from Wake Industrial.

  • MTS P02 2 D2 B1 P1 NN NN FW
  • mts-p02.2-d2-b1-p1-nn-nn-fw

MTS-P02.2-D2-B1-P1-NN-NN-FW Technical Specifications

Configuration: INTERBUS-S Master Module
Mode: With Coprocessor
Series: 2
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