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CLC Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat.

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Bosch Rexroth sets high standards in the market for motion systems with its innovative technologies and wide range of products. One of its subsidiaries, Indramat, is a specialist company in the production of high-end motion control systems such as servo motors and drives. Their dedication towards quality makes them the most popular choice for engineering products’ consumers all around the globe.

The CLC Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control is a series by Indramat that is revolutionizing many industrial automation practices. Capable of coordinated axes control of up to 3 axes at a time, this motion driver card is one of the most advanced of all. The CLC series cards can handle up to 4 different jobs at a time, and apart from coordinated motion they can also control numerous axes independently. Summing it all together, this card can drive up to 40 axes simultaneously!

CLC-D02.2A-FW variant of this series is one of the well-facilitated ones. Installed directly into the operating PC’s DDS drive, its CPU has a clock frequency of 25.0 MHz and 512 kB battery-packed SRAM.

Engineers using it enjoy a highly functional, multi-tasking graphical user interface known as Visual Motion. This software allows users to set up their physical system in the virtual environment and program complex axes control routines, all through easy to use features and graphics-based commands.

For effective serial communication, it sports two ports. Port A is dedicated to ASCII Host Protocol while the other one can be configured to support either Host Protocol or Indramat’s own user interface: Teach Pendant which is a great tool for setting up operating parameters and routines.

The CLC-D02.2A-FW comes fitted with a seven segment single digit LED display for status indication and error displays. Indramat offers a neatly compiled error library which specifies the kind of LED signal each error is represented with. This feature makes troubleshooting much less hectic and more convenient.

Bosch Rexroth CLC-D02.2A-FW is undoubtedly the most functional multi-axis coordinated controller and if optimization of resources is your aim, it is the perfect product for you!

Series: CLC