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CLC Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat.


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CLC Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat.

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Product Description

Motion control technologies form the basic infrastructure of numerous industries around the world. Bosch Rexroth is the commercial leader in this field, sporting a wide product range including servomotors, gear technologies, motor drives etc.

Indramat is a subsidiary of this firm which manufactures a majority of its motion control technologies. The CLC is Indramat’s leading Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control product range, offering a multitude of supporting middleware options and the facility of coordinated motion of up to 3 axes simultaneously.

Each CLC card is designed to support 4 jobs at a time, which translates to coordinated and non-coordinated regulation of up to 40 axes at a time!

CLC-D02.2M-FW is one of the DDS-installable versions of the CLC series. The system’s CPU boasts a clock frequency of 25.0 MHz and comes with a 512 kB battery-packed SRAM. In addition to this, this state of the art card has an impressive maximum capacity of 1MB.

Serial communication protocols are employed by this axis controller, with two ports part of its design. Port A is configured by Indramat to support ASCII Host Protocol and port B can be configured by users according to their own industrial needs. Apart from Host Protocol, they can utilize it for Teach Pendant, which is a utilitarian user interface developed by Indramat for CLC.

User experience is of high priority for the professionals at Indramat. Hence, a multi-tasking graphical user interface, Visual Motion, is part of the CLC package. This remarkable software makes programming very convenient for engineers, offering them a variety of easy to use commands augmented by graphical cues and user guidelines.

Troubleshooting CLC-D02.2M-FW is amazingly easy for technicians, owing to the seven segment single digit LED display it houses. There is a pre-defined signal for each error and operating status, allowing users to quickly detect what is wrong with their card and diagnose the issue in no time.

Bosch Rexroth CLC-D02.2M-FW is the perfect axis motion control system available in current markets. Adding it to your industrial setup would definitely lead to better productivity and optimization.

  • CLC D02 2M FW
  • CLC D02.2M FW
  • CLC D02.2M-FW
  • CLC-D02.2M-FW
  • CLC-DO2.2M-FW
  • CLCD02.2MFW
  • CLCD022MFW

CLC-D02.2M-FW Technical Specifications

Series: CLC