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BTV20 Machine Operator Panel Firmware manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat.

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Product Description

Rexroth Indramat has established itself as the leader in motion control and control system solutions. With their cutting edge technology, they produce the finest quality products such as drives & controls, linear motion systems, hydraulics, tightening systems and machinery firmware. With such a high demand for the latest technology, Indramat provides services to modern industries related the fields of mobile applications, machinery & engineering and factory automation.

Many advanced machining centers are no longer operated manually. With the introduction of programmable firmware, automated machinery are the future. The BTV20 Operator Panel is a PC-based machine operator panel, a mix of hardware and firmware that is vital to the operation of machinery. This specific model is used in applications such as lathes, milling operations, and machining centers. Some of the model features are the 4mm aluminum front panel with tapered edges, IP65 front protection, integrated machine keys, and key switch to lock safety function.  

The FWA-BTV203-WNT-19VRS-EN-ISP001 is integral software found in Indramat Cotrol Panels such as the BTV series. These control units come installed with a Pentium-Slot CPU, integrated graphic controller, and a RAM of 64 MB, which is the ideal amount required to operate the operating firmware. The screen itself is a 10.4” TFT color display, providing a clear visual output that allows for smooth operation of the machinery. The panel has a max power consumption of 250 VA and a max heat dissipation of 200 W. With a size of 407x370x220 (with front panel) and a meager mass of approximate 10.5 Kg, the BTV20 panel is compact and light to attach and use in all sorts of machinery. The operating system that this panel features is FWA-BTV203-WNT-19VRS-EN-ISP001 which is a Windows NT 4.0 + PO system, a customized version of windows that is tailor made for smoother operation in comparison to standard PC operating software.

  • FWA BTV203 WNT 19VRS EN ISP001
  • FWA-BTV203-WNT-19VRS-EN-ISP001

FWA-BTV203-WNT-19VRS-EN-ISP001 Technical Specifications

Product: BTV
Line: 20
Design: 3
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