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BTV20 Expansion Module manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat.

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Product Description

Specifying a part number for a Rexroth Indramat product, the CFG-BTV20.2C-B1-2D-A2-1C-NN-NN-NN-NN-1T configuration code indicates the customization of the BTV20 model of a machine operator panel to offer an application specific guarantee and reliability. The BTV20 panel are usually employed in applications that require some level of uniformity and standardization in serial production lines.

Typically, this unit has all the technical specifications of a PC-based control panel with input and output peripherals, storage, and processing capacity. It comes with a Pentium CPU, 200MHz speed and an integrated graphics controller. For interaction, it features a keyboard with machine user and 16 machine function keys (8 keys on each side). It displays via a colourful 10.4 inches TFT display with a 640×480 resolution. For storage, it has a RAM and ROM of 64MB and 1.2 GB (at minimum). This ensures that the system does not just work fast but has enough space to store permanent and transient data. The configuration options are based on this unit’s function type, which is MTC i.e. CNC operations optimized.

This function-type is indicated by the ‘C’ code in BTV20.2C. In following the sequence, the installed MTS-P modules include the following: an INTERBUS master module, a Master/Slave configuration PLC module (according to MTS-P01.2-D2, and with 2 MB RAM). For the following MTC-P modules, we have: An axis-processor module, which comes with a co-processor and a CNC module (according to MTC-P01.2M, with 8 axes and 1 MB of RAM). The MTC-P modules are installed in corresponding PC 104 and ISA buses respectively, and the MTP-S module have a similar installation situation. Finally, there is an Ethernet card (PCM-E01.1) installed in slot 10 on an ISA bus; this implies an option for network connectivity with this BTV20 control panel variant. IP65 protection, high performance, reliability, these are the defining characteristics of this Rexroth unit.

  • CFG BTV20.2C B1 2D A2 1C NN NN NN NN 1T
  • CFG-BTV20.2-C-B1-2D-A2-1C-NN-NN-NN-NN-1T
  • CFG-BTV2O.2C-B1-2D-A2-1C-NN-NN-NN-NN-1T
  • CFGBTV20.2C-B1-2D-A2-1C-NN-NN-NN-NN-1T

CFG-BTV20.2C-B1-2D-A2-1C-NN-NN-NN-NN-1T Technical Specifications

Product: CFG
Product: BTV20.2
Function Type: MTC (export certificate is mandotory)
Slot U2 to U10: Refer to CFG-BTV20.2C Type Code Sheet
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