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Bosch Rexroth Indramat AC Motor in the 2AD Series. This Motor is an Asynchronous Motor Type that has a Motor Size of 104, and a Motor Length of D."

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Product Description

Rexroth Bosch manufactures the 2AD104D-B35OB1-FS07-B2N1 AC servo motor. Numerous elements that improve its performance and adaptability for a range of applications are included into the servo motor design. First, when a keyed transmission is needed, the B2 shaft configuration a plain shaft balanced with the full key and devoid of a shaft end side B guarantees accurate and seamless operation. The lack of a shaft sealing ring also makes the motor's design simpler and lessens the possibility of wear or friction spots. Performance-wise, the motor can run at up to 9000 rpm, which enables high-speed applications and rapid reaction times.

Furthermore, the motor runs quite quiet at 70 dB(A), which makes it appropriate for locations where noise is a concern. Because of its allowable ambient temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius, the motor may be installed and operated with flexibility, guaranteeing dependable performance in a variety of industrial environments. The motor's resilience to high working temperatures is further ensured by the insulation class F. In addition, the motor's IP65 degree of protection for the motor body and IP24 degree of protection for the blower protect it from water and dust infiltration, increasing its dependability and durability under harsh conditions.

Because it strikes a balance between speed and torque, the motor's rated speed of 1800 rpm makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. The motor provides significant power for difficult operations, with a rated output of 12.1 kW. The electrical capacity and high current load handling capability of the motor are shown by its rated current of 29.0 A. The rotor's moment of inertia, which is 0.027 kgm^2, also affects the motor's overall performance and controllability by influencing its dynamic response and acceleration capabilities. We provide a one-year warranty.

  • 2AD104D B35OB1 FS07 B2N1
  • 2AD104D-835O81-FS07-82N1
  • 2AD104D-B350B1-FS07-B2N1
  • 2AD104DB35OB1FS07B2N1
  • 2AD1O4D-B35OB1-FSO7-B2N1
  • 2AD1O4D-835O81-FSO7-82N1
  • 2AD104DB350B1FS07B2N1
  • 2AD1O4DB35OB1FSO7B2N1

2AD104D-B35OB1-FS07-B2N1 Technical Specifications

Shaft:: Without shaft sealing ring balanced with entire key. Without shaft end side B (B2)
Moment of Inertia of Rotor:: 0.027 kgm^2
Maximum Speed:: 9000 rpm
Noise Level:: 70 dB(A)
Permissible Ambient Temperature:: 0 to 40 °C
Insulation Class:: F
Degree of Protection:: IP65 (motor), IP24 (blower)
Rated Speed:: 1800 rpm
Rated Power:: 12.1 kW
Rated Current:: 29.0 A
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