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Bosch Rexroth Indramat AC Motor in the 2AD Series. This Motor is an Asynchronous Motor Type that has a Motor Size of 101, and a Motor Length of D."

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Product Description

The 2AD101D-B05OC1-BD03-A2N1 by Rexroth Bosch is an industrial motor that is preferred because of its brushless design and squirrel cage rotor. An AC supply powers the stator winding of an induction motor. As a result, an alternating flux develops in the stator winding. An induced electromotive force in the conductors of the rotor is developed by the relative speed of the rotor and stator RMFs. The rotor revolves in the same order as the flux of the stator to reduce the relative velocity caused by the difference in velocity between them. This is the fundamental operating principle of an induction motor.

When driven at nominal speed and ambient conditions, this asynchronous 2AD AC motor produces its maximum output. The motor has a junction box installed for all electrical connections. It is a crucial component of the wiring system because the electrical connections inside a structure are housed and securely protected in plastic or metal boxes. This junction box is fixed at side C of the 2AD motor. The axial fan is utilized for surface ventilation because it typically has bearings that may be operated for up to 50,000 hours at quite high temperatures.

The winding code for this 2AD motor is BD, and it does not have any electronically released or electrically clamped holding brake. This asynchronous motor features standard bearings, an R-grade vibration, and a plain driving shaft. One crucial factor affecting the dependability of 2AD motors is the bearing lifetime. The standard bearings installed in this asynchronous motor offer a high lifetime of 20,000 hours, minimal noise, low friction and high speed, making them perfect for low or medium loads.

  • 2AD101D B05OC1 BD03 A2N1
  • 2AD101DB05OC1BD03A2N1
  • 2AD101D-B050C1-BD03-A2N1
  • 2AD1O1D-BO5OC1-BDO3-A2N1
  • 2AD101D-805OC1-8D03-A2N1
  • 2AD1O1D-8O5OC1-8DO3-A2N1
  • 2AD101DB050C1BD03A2N1

2AD101D-B05OC1-BD03-A2N1 Technical Specifications

Motor series: 2AD
Driven shaft: A
Length: 101
Size: D
Mounting: B05 (flange)
Position of power conection: Top
Output direction of power connection: B
Cooling mode: Axial fan
Bearings: Standard
Vibration severity grade: R
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