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Bosch Rexroth Indramat AC Motor in the 2AD Series. This Motor is an Asynchronous Motor Type that has a Motor Size of 100, and a Motor Length of D."

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Product Description

2AD100D-B05OB1-AS03-A2N1/S016 is a spindle motor with a motor size of 100, and the motor length is D. The construction is flange mounting with a power terminal position on top. The power terminal output direction is connected to side B. The cooling method used in this variant of the motor is axial blower. An air steam fed over the surface of the motor via air baffles is used for cooling. The motor blower for cooling the motor winding using an axial blower consumes power of 60 VA and operates at 230 V. The average airflow is 230 cubic meters per hour. There must be a sufficient supply of air for cooling once the motor is mounted.

The base speed is 1500 rpm whereas the maximum speed that can be achieved from this variant of motor is 9000 revolutions per minute. The output is taken from a smooth shaft without a shaft seal. The bearing type of the 2AD100D-B05OB1-AS03-A2N1/S016 is standard with the vibration severity grade of R. The winding designation is AS. The nominal torque at a nominal power of 7.5 kW is 48 Nm. The nominal current is 35 amperes whereas the nominal voltage is 173 volts. The rotor inertia is 0.028 kgm2, and the thermal time constant is 45 minutes.

The insulation classification of the 2AD100D-B05OB1-AS03-A2N1/S016 is F. The weight of the motor without the holding brake is 60 kg. The average sound pressure level at 1-meter distance is 70 dB. The ambient temperature for this motor to operate effectively ranges from 0oC to 40oC with an installation altitude of up to 1,000 meters above sea level. It comes with high resolution motor feedback. The minimum terminal cross section is 6 mm2 as per EN 60204.

  • 2AD100D B05OB1 AS03 A2N1/S016
  • 2AD100DB05OB1AS03A2N1/S016
  • 2AD100D-B050B1-AS03-A2N1/S016
  • 2AD1OOD-BO5OB1-ASO3-A2N1/SO16
  • 2AD100D-805O81-AS03-A2N1/S016
  • 2AD1OOD-8O5O81-ASO3-A2N1/SO16
  • 2AD100DB050B1AS03A2N1/S016

2AD100D-B05OB1-AS03-A2N1/S016 Technical Specifications

Ambient Temperature Range: 0-40 Degrees Celsius
Motor Designation: 2AD
Motor Length: D
Motor Size: 100
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