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Bosch Rexroth Indramat AC Motor in the 2AD Series. This Motor is an Asynchronous Motor Type that has a Motor Size of 100, and a Motor Length of B."

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Product Description

Bosch Rexroth AC digital asynchronous motor and drive controllers with their wide range of power output and cutting-edge technical characteristics, handle a number of industrial difficulties, such as high power density and space constraints.

The 2AD100B-B05OA1-AS23-B2N1 model of the asynchronous motor falls in the 2AD line made by Bosch Rexroth. The 2AD asynchronous motors are made to be used as a rotary main spindle and servo-drives for typical applications such as machine tools, packaging and foodstuff machine, and metal-forming machine tools. The device comes with a digital servo feedback system that reads the motor position and shares it with the drive controller. The motor is offered with several types of drive power and interfaces for application-specific use. The asynchronous motor uses a flange with four holes which provide mounting in the desired orientation. Note that the power connection is provided at the top and power plugs are directed to the A-side of the motor. The 2AD asynchronous motor is protected from industrial environmental challenges with a class ‘F’ insulation. To keep it from moisture and solid particles, the housing of the motor is tightly sealed meeting the international protection class IP65.

The model 2AD100B-B05OA1-AS23-B2N1 is featured an axial blower to draw ambient air and blow through the motor surface for efficient cooling. The blower requires 230 V from a stable power supply. This motor is equipped with a standard bearing that rotates silently and promises operation with a sound pressure level controlled at 70 dB[A]. The type code (2AD100B-B05OA1-AS23-B2N1) is mentioned on the nameplate attached to the motor making the identification easier. The motor should be configured prior to the operation. Wake Industrial is a well-known supplier for this product.

  • 2AD100B B05OA1 AS23 B2N1
  • 2AD100BB05OA1AS23B2N1
  • 2AD100B-B050A1-AS23-B2N1
  • 2AD1OOB-BO5OA1-AS23-B2N1
  • 2AD1008-805OA1-AS23-82N1
  • 2AD1OO8-8O5OA1-AS23-82N1
  • 2AD100BB050A1AS23B2N1

2AD100B-B05OA1-AS23-B2N1 Technical Specifications

Ambient Temperature Range: 0-40 Degrees Celsius
Motor Designation: 2AD
Motor Length: B
Motor Size: 100
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