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CP2215-0020 is a CP22xx-0020 series multi-touch Panel PC manufactured by Beckhoff. At its basic configuration, this PC features a 15-inch, 1024 x 768 resolution display, a 24 V DC power supply, a 2.5 inch, 320 GB hard disk, and 4 GB DDR4 RAM storage.

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Product Description

The CP2215-0020 is part of the CP22 series of panel PCs from Beckhoff. It comes in an elegant design that allows easy and quick operation. The multi-finger touchscreen concept allows for the simultaneous setting of parameters without compromising on functionality. Its design is intended for installation on the front side of the housing. It uses a combination of PC technology and Beckhoff design to present you with the right display for any application. With a 3 1/2-inch motherboard, the CP2215-0020 is an efficient PC well-suited for applications in plant engineering, construction, and machine tools.

Its housing allows you to access all components such as the fan, battery, and fan. Some of its features include a weight of 5.9kg in landscape and portrait positions, a supply voltage of 24V DC, and power consumption of approximately 62 watts. The interfaces that allow seamless operation include 2 Ethernet adapters that allow it to be a central processing unit, 4 USB interfaces, and a serial interface. An optional interface allows you to add other options such as CANopen. The CP2215-0020 should be brought to operation in a temperature range of between 0 and 55 degrees and stored in a temperature range of -25 to 65 degrees.

This Beckhoff PC has an aluminum housing with an easy-to-use glass front, TFT display for convenient settings reading, a fan cartridge that is accessible from the outside, and connectors fitted at the bottom of the rear side. The rear side has a protection category of IP 20 while the front side has a protection class of IP 65. Ensure the rear side is in the housing to avoid damage. The operator of the CP2215-0020 should be well-versed with the country’s regulations and should read and understand the installation instructions.

  • CP2215-OO2O
  • cp2215-0020
  • CP22150020

CP2215-0020 Technical Specifications

Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
Display Size: 15-inch
Hard Disk: 2.5 inch, 320 GB
Power Supply: 24 V DC
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