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At Wake Industrial, we understand that your Indramat products are more than just parts and pieces; they're valuable assets. Whether you're upgrading your system, decluttering your inventory, or simply looking for some extra cash, we're here to help you get the most value from your surplus Indramat items. Selling your surplus Indramat products with us means you're choosing a partner that values your time and investment. We're committed to providing a seamless experience that prioritizes your convenience, speed, and satisfaction. Whether local, or in another country, Wake Industrial is looking to buy your surplus nationwide! Instead of throwing them away, get something out of your old parts and sell to us!

Not sure if your surplus is worth anything? Reach out, and we'll get back to you with an offer. Below is a list of Indramat products we like to buy. If you don't see your product, no worries! Don't hesitate to get in contact for any other Indramat surplus products. 

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Why Choose Wake Industrial?

  • Expertise: Our deep understanding of the market for Indramat products means we can offer you a fair and competitive price.

  • Simplicity and Speed: We've streamlined our buying process to be straightforward and quick, ensuring you can convert your surplus to cash without delay.

  • Sustainability: By choosing to sell your surplus, you're not only earning back but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable industry.

How It Works:

  1. Evaluate Your Inventory: Take a look at what Indramat products you no longer need. A clear understanding of what you have helps us give you the best offer.

  2. Reach Out to Us: Let us know what you're looking to sell. We'll review your items and provide you with a competitive valuation based on current market demand and the condition of your products.

  3. Receive Your Offer: If you're happy with our offer, we'll quickly finalize the details, ensuring a clear and fair agreement.

  4. Hassle-Free Logistics: We take care of all shipping arrangements to collect your surplus items, removing any logistical headaches for you.

  5. Prompt Payment: Once we've confirmed the condition of your products, payment is processed swiftly, completing your successful sale.


Motor Series we Like to Buy

Indramat MKD Motors:

The MKD Motors from Indramat are a great piece of machinery for use in various industries. These motors have several different winding codes for each size (025, 041, 071, etc.), which classify the speed of the motor. Used with older drives such as DDS, DKC, and HDS, the MKD Motors are great for older automation systems. We'll be happy to consider any surplus MKD motors you may have.  

Indramat MSK Motors:

MSK motors can now be used with the IndraDrive series of products, as well as older Indramat Drives. When used in the appropriate ambient conditions, typically under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the MSK motors are reliable workhorses for many automation systems. If there are older MSK drives in your inventory that are no longer needed, contact us for an offer.

Indramat MHD Motors:

Indramat MHD Motors come in various sizes, which include: MHD 041, 071, 090, 112, etc. If you have an MHD motor that's no longer needed or does not fit your current setup, let us know! We'll send you an offer, regardless of size.

Indramat MDD Motors:

MDD Motors come in a wide variety of motor sizes and lengths (021,  025, 041, 065, 071, etc.), all focused on catering to different automation system needs. As these are Indramat legacy components, you may find yourself with more obsolete MDD motors in your inventory. Let us know, and we'll send you an offer. 

Indramat KSM Motors:

Indramat KSM (KSM01, KSM02) is a motor-integrated drive, comprised of two components: a servo motor, and an electronic system for control and power. If you're looking to get rid of any KSM motors, turn them into cash and sell with Wake Industrial!

Indramat MKE Motors:

MKE Motors are great for use under adverse conditions. Built to withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, and a protection rating of IP65, this legacy motor from Indramat can undergo a lot of wear and tear over the years. If you're looking to replace your motor with a newer model, turn your old one into cash instead of throwing it out!

Indramat 2AD Motors:

These AC motors from Indramat come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Variation sizes range from 100 all the way to 225, giving you many choices for fit in your automation system. If you have a 2AD motor that no longer fits into your automation system, let us know! We will turn your dormant motor into cash. 


Drives We Like to Buy:

Indramat DKC Drive Controllers:

The DKC Drives from the EcoDrive collections are fully modular, allowing for a quick and easy process of removing/replacing the component from your automation system. The DKC Drives come in 3 types: EcoDrive Type 1,Type 3, and Cs. With a wide power range between them, these drives can be beneficial for many different automation systems. Have a DKC Drive that no longer fits your automation needs? Instead of getting rid of it, sell to Wake Industrial Surplus! 

Indramat CDB Drive Controllers:
The CDB Drive controllers are double-axis drives designed for use with a wide range of older encoder systems. If you have a CDB drive in your surplus that's collecting dust, turn it into cash with Wake Industrial. 

Indramat CSH Drive Controllers:

The CSH Drives are still beneficial for a wide range of automation systems. Check your inventory for any surplus CSH drives you may have, and get value from your out of commission drives!

Indramat CSB Drive Controllers:

The CSB Drives from the IndraDrive series are affordable and reliable drives for a wide range of industrial applications. These are commonly used with Indramat HMS Drives. If there's a jobless CSB Drive taking up space in your inventory, contact us, and we'll send over an offer!

Indramat CLM Drives:

The CLM Four-Axis Indramat Drives came in 3 different versions: The 1.2 is the most basic without removable firmware. Next is the 1.3 which allows firmware removal, and comes with more options. The last is the 1.4 which had several improvements in firmware and control. Regardless of the version, we are interested in buying your surplus CLM Drives! 

Indramat DDS Drives:

The DDS drives were able to have multiple drives running off either a single or multiple power supplies. With a wide power range (15A to 200A Peak current), the DDS Drives can be beneficial for a wide amount of automation systems. Find out how much your older and unused DDS Drives are worth!

Indramat DKR Drives:

Indramat DKR drives come in a wide variety of configurations, which can be further classified as DKR02, DKR03, DKR04, and DKR05. Within each of these subseries are many different choices for specifications. Contact us today and get an offer on a specific surplus DKR Drive. 

Indramat HCS Drives:

The HCS drives are compact converters part of the IndraDrive family. Great for a number of automation applications, the HCS02's power range is from 1.5 kw to 11 kw. HCS03 ranges from 18.5 kw to 75 kw. Sell any surplus HCS drives to Wake Industrial!

Indramat HDD Drives:

Indramat's HDD Drive are a popular choice, providing modular operation and easy replacement if one drive goes bad. If you have HDD drives that are no longer needed in your system, let us know!

Indramat HDS Drives:

The Indramat HDS Drives transformed automation systems in its day. With its modularity, any broken drive could be removed and replaced quickly, resulting in less downtime. If there are HDS drives in your inventory that no longer suit your needs, we'll be interested in buying. 

Indramat HMD Drives:

The Indramat HMD series is a part of the IndraDrive M series. These drives are capable of communicating with sercos, PROFIBUS, Multi-Ethernet (sercos, PROFINETIO, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT), CANopen, DeviceNet, and analog interfaces. If an HMD drive doesn't fit your automation needs, turn it into cash with Wake Industrial. 

Indramat HMS Drives:

The HMS Drives from Rexroth Indramat can be used in either single or double axis applications. Combined with the HCS Series drives can further extend the HMS drive versatility! These drives can last a long time when used in the appropriate conditions. If you have a drive that's no longer needed, we'll send you a fair offer. 

Indramat HMV Power Supply Drives:

Indramat HMV Power supplies can provide reliable power to automation systems, allowing  the choices of both regenerative and non-regenerative versions. When you think it's time to upgrade or change your power supply in your automation line, consider selling your surplus to us. 

Indramat HVE Power Supply Drives:

Indramat HVE Drives come in four nominal voltages: 380 V, 400 V, 440 V, and 480 V, allowing for use in a variety of automation applications. Any HVE Drives that no longer fit your automation needs? Get in contact with us.

Indramat HVR Power Supply Drives:

The HVR Power Supplies provide regulated power to the drive(s) in a system. These power supplies can also regenerate energy to be fed back into the mains. Get in touch with Wake Industrial if there are HVR Power supplies in your surplus!

Indramat PPC Controllers:

Indramat PPC Controllers are essential for a motion control system to function properly. These controllers are still widely used. If older PPC controllers are taking up space, turn it into cash by selling to Wake Industrial!

Indramat VT-VSPA Controllers:

These Valve Amplifier Cards can help control solenoid currents in your automation system without any LVDT feedback. Make space in your inventory and get paid by selling any surplus VT-VSPA controllers to us.

Indramat VT-1600 Controllers:

These Servo Amplifier cards are used to control servo valves without any LVDT feedback! These controllers are typically used to control specific servo valve models in closed loop systems. Get value from surplus VT-1600 cards by selling to Wake Industrial.

Indramat VT-HNC Controllers:

VT-HNC Digital Axis controllers are beneficial for any automation system for optimal performance. These controllers are programmable for up to four axes. If these controllers do not fit your automation needs, Wake Industrial will make sure you get a fair price on your unused parts. 

Indramat VT-HACD Controllers:

We'll buy any surplus VT-HACD controller cards you have! These cards are easy to use and to set up, making them a popular controller card choice. The card uses a microcontroller to direct the entire process. Let us know if you have any you'd like to turn into cash!

Indramat VT-2000 & VT-3000 Controllers:

These controller cards are great for controlling solenoids in your automation system. Discontinued by the manufacturer, users may find it harder and harder to find a spot for the VT controller cards in their automation system. Any Controller cards you'd like to get rid of? Let us know, and we'll send you our best offer. 


  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Drives
  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Motors
  • 1 Year Warranty on HMI's and PLC's
  • 1 Year Warranty on Boards and Option Cards


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  • Ship On Your UPS Account
  • Freight and Courier Options
  • Secure Military Grade Foam Packaging
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