Why Are Indramat Parts Called Legacy Parts?

20 September, 2023


Indramat has offered some of the best precision motion control products during its time for nearly five decades. Although most present-day motion control products do not bear the Indramat brand name, there are various factories that use the manufacturer’s machinery and other industrial products even today.

Parts and products no longer manufactured are known as legacy parts and products. This means that you cannot go to any store and buy them off the shelf. One reason for them not being manufactured is that newer counterparts supporting more advanced technology have been produced. They may also not be made because these parts and products failed to sell well as intended.

In the case of Indramat, the manufacturer’s parts and products are associated with the term legacy for neither of these two reasons. They are termed so only because they are no longer made, as the company is now defunct. The last set of these parts and products were manufactured by Indramat around twenty years ago.

Although Indramat parts and products are not as appealing as new motion control products in terms of appearance, they can still work well with present-day motion control systems. This can save you the hassle of upgrading your systems and incurring a huge expenditure on the same.

What to consider when replacing Indramat legacy parts and products

There are a few points to remember when you plan to replace a part or product from Indramat.

  • New parts and products are no longer available. You must opt for a used part or product in good working condition.
  • It is better to buy a replacement unit as a whole rather than just a replacement part. If a part of a control or drive is defective, it is recommended to replace the whole control or drive. This is because when you buy a part rather than a product, the possibility of getting a salvaged part cannot be ignored.
  • Indramat products are designed such that they are not meant to be repaired or serviced in-house.            


Where can you buy Indramat legacy parts and products?

Ever since the acquisition of Indramat by Rexroth and subsequent acquisition by Bosch, Indramat parts and products have been available from Bosch Rexroth. You can also check them out from authorized sources like Wake Industrial.

At Wake Industrial, we not only stock a horde of Indramat parts and products to meet all your needs. This means that you do not have to worry about finding a replacement part. You can also get our assistance to help repair them. Our service team members have the required skill and expertise to repair any obsolete parts and products from the manufacturer at a low price, as factory repair is the best option for them. This repair can also increase the life of your present system. We can also get you a replacement product to meet your needs and reduce downtime. We offer a warranty of one year on all Indramat products.

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