What You Should Know About Indramat Cs Servo Drives

20 September, 2023


Indramat Cs servo drives are a major aspect of the manufacturer’s motion control system. They are characterized by two key features – compactness and versatility. These drives can also be customized based on the need. The Cs in the term Indramat Cs stands for compact series, and the drives are 50 x 145 x 220 mm. They come with Safety Onboard capability and integrated safety technologies like SafeMotion and Safe Torque Off functionalities for drive-based machine safety.

Although these servo drives are relatively small, they are equipped with a wide range of capabilities. The compact space-saving design makes it suitable for use in confined spaces or places where space is a constraint. On the other hand, the versatility increases the productivity and efficiency of the application. Indramat Cs drives can be associated with a drive-based PLC integrating logic and motion as per IEC 61131-3 standards.

Key Highlights of the Indramat Cs Drives

The Indramat Cs servo drives are associated with several features that are worth noting. The major features that make these drives stand out are listed below.

  • They are compatible with a wide range of interfaces. They have multiple ports to support SERCOS III, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET I/O interfaces.
  • They encompass both digital and analog inputs and outputs. The digital inputs and outputs are easy to read and comprehend, while the analog inputs and outputs allow you to use them with older systems.
  • They are easy to configure and set up, which gives them an added advantage along with their versatile and compact nature.
  • They come equipped with an integrated brake resistor, an operation panel with a programming module function and a multi-encoder interface to work with a third-party motor.


What are the power and current ratings supported by Indramat Cs servo drives?

Indramat Cs drives are available with various power ratings that range from 50 W to 14 kW. They also come with different current ratings between 3 A to 28 A and have a high overload range. This broad spectrum of power and current ratings are proof of their versatility.

What are some applications of Indramat Cs drives?

Indramat Cs servo drives are widely used in semiconductors, machine tools and medical industries. They are primarily deployed for printing and converting, packaging and processing, assembly and handling, as well as automotive-related applications.

You can reach out to us at Wake Industrial for any problem with your Indramat Cs servo drives. The fact that they are not associated with just one function and can perform a wide range of tasks indicates that they may need professional attention in terms of repair or service over time to continue functioning like they usually do. We specialize in Indramat products and have a pretty good understanding of how the manufacturer’s motion control systems work. This means that you can trust us not only with troubleshooting and servicing your motion control system but also configuration of the same. We can also get an Indramat Cs servo drive of the desired specification delivered to your address.

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