What You Should Know About Indramat Components

30 August, 2023


Indramat components are used in products deployed in motion control systems. The company Indramat itself no longer exists, but its parts are still available. Rexroth, the company that took over Indramat was later acquired by Bosch, and the resulting entity was Bosch Rexroth. Although the name Indramat was dropped from the company’s name, Bosch Rexroth continues to have many Indramat components and parts in their portfolio. Indramat parts are considered to be legacy parts.

Indramat components are still in use in many countries across the world. The company’s products and their components last a long time, and it is impossible to think that they might ever need a repair or a replacement at any point in time.

Interesting Facts About Indramat Components

Indramat components have the name Indramat mentioned on them, indicating their authenticity. There are a few interesting facts that are worth knowing about them.

  • The term Indramat that can be seen on the components is the name of the manufacturer that, by itself, is derived from the terms Industrialization, Rationalization and Automation. Although the company was acquired by Rexroth, Indramat is still mentioned on the components.
  • The term Indramat is synonymous with reliability and durability. Indramat systems are renowned for their precision and strength, which means they are built to last and will not let the user down. They are widely deployed in various industries such as machine production, textiles, printing and various other high-pressure jobs.
  • Indramat was a pioneer of motion control systems. The manufacturer’s components are majorly a part of a drive and control system or a servo. They are also used in power supply units.
  • The only drawback of Indramat components is that they are no longer being made. However, Bosch Rexroth continues to manufacture new versions of these components. They are compatible with the old components and can be used as a replacement for them. However, it is always possible to do a factory remanufacture or a factory repair of the old components is still possible.


Where can new Indramat components be obtained?

Indramat is now a defunct company and, hence, no new components cannot be procured as they are no longer being manufactured. The last set of components was manufactured around two decades ago. However, you can continue to get the manufacturer’s products from Bosch Rexroth. You can also check out authorized third-party suppliers like Wake Industrial for Indramat products.

At Wake Industrial, we have a huge collection of Indramat products in our inventory. So, if any of your Indramat products break down and you want a replacement, you can bank on us to meet your needs. Similarly, our options for repairing obsolete parts are unmatched, and we can do a factory repair of your affected Indramat components. We will give you a one-year warranty for all our products.

We have partnered with several major freight carriers to get what you need, irrespective of their size and weight, to your destination to keep your business up and running all the time.

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